30 days since my last PMO, here's my statement to all

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    It's been 30 days since my last PM. I feel wonderful, strong and powerful and want to thank everyone for making our journey possible. It is the way forward to love, peace and harmony both within us and in the world.

    Here's my statement to all:

    My brothers, I AM SORRY about the man I have been, not having seen through the lure of images, making the wrong choices and not being a real man with power and compassion, conviction and doubt, mind and heart and body
    My sisters, I AM SORRY about the harm I've done you, not treating you the way I should have, not seeing through the lure of appearance, not connecting to you as I promised I would.
    Darkness, I AM SORRY I followed you for so long, not having seen your true nature and see that you are simply the false judgements, ideas, opinions and visions in my mind, making me believe I am truly separated from everyone, all life and everything
    Light of my heart, I AM SORRY about the way I have thought and behaved, not having the respect for all other people, all life and everything, choosing for following darkness while the Light was so close, letting myself be lured into images that fail to respect our true nature

    Brothers, sisters, darkness and Light, I have done you wrong in so many ways, PLEASE FORGIVE ME and thus help all of us to be free from all the lures and addictions we are faced with

    Brothers, sisters, darkness and light, I LOVE YOU. I acknowledge that this whole creation is part of our spiritual journey towards our true self, the light we are at the deepest level

    THANK YOU for being my companions on this journey, for teaching me how to realize my true potential, the love I am deep within and also for improving yourself every day as I am, to realize true world peace and harmony

    I see and acknowledge the Light within myself and in you, in all life and in everything

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  2. Homo Deus

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    Keep going amigo, and congratulations for your first month!
  3. Ὀρφεύς

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    My Journal
    Your love will conquer. Keep going my lovely mate!
  4. :)-keepsmiling

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    Good luck friend!!!!!
    Really inspired by your post!!!!
    Keep posting!!!!
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    So beautiful @LoveIsAllWeNeed . You’re amazing. Really inspiring.
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  6. LoveIsAllWeNeed

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    Thanks, my friend @zeusmx. It's good to read that from you, as your posts are always very near to my heart. :)
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  7. Lovely post and lovely achievement!
    : )
    congratulations on your thirty days!
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  8. LoveIsAllWeNeed

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    Thank you so much, @Coffee Candy, I really appreciate it!
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