30 days - The fog is clearing - I am more human

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    Welcome fellow nofappers,

    Well these past 30 days have been no bed of Rose's, no pleasure cruise...

    BUT I have experienced some major benefits that I want to share with you to keep you guys fighting this fight


    Before I struggled with the simplest tasks, I had poor short term memory, I was very much inside my own head with shame, guilt and regret - I did not feel good enough.

    I didn't feel good enough to be liked, I was withdrawn and favoured being isolated on my own - watching Netflix and spending hours on video games.

    I was plagued with low motivation, simple chores like washing the dishes would take hrs to be completed - if done at all. And I was tired - tired although I had slept like a baby for the past 9hrs!

    I was anxious to start a whole streak again, fearing the withdrawal symptoms. Which I have had my fair share of these past 30days.

    30 DAYS

    Week 1 - I did not notice significant benefits till about day 7 - the first week I was very much in withdrawal - random anger outbursts, crippling depression with suicidal thoughts, no libido.

    Day 7 - 14 positive improvements are being seen, social anxiety is going down, acne is clearning up reduced Shame and improved eye contact

    Day 14 - 17 - superpowers are here! I was bursting full of energy, social anxiety pretty much non existent and no real urges to speak of.

    Day 17 - 21 Very low again, very strong emotions, becoming upset very easily and irritable

    Day 21 - 30 Emotions are normalizing, performing better at work, negative self talk is virtually gone, feeling proud of streak.

    As the streak continued however I have started to feel more confident in myself, I am less in my own head, social anxiety has therefore improved, so has my memory. I can only put this down to there being more space in my head - thoughts and feelings are more clear - they are by no means perfect but they have improved.

    Positive emotions have been returning, I have more genuine laughs, whereas before I found very little funny, i have become more caring and empathetic with family and friends.

    Taking proper care of myself seems so much easier, as if as my mind has cleared I can now focus on things that are more important. I have reduced the amount of time I am playing video games and am improving my diet.

    With fear of sounding dramatic - I feel more human - I cannot believe what a difference 30days can make. I feel a different person

    Also I host an AP group and am looking for dedicated guys to join - there is a leaderboard ranking to appeal to our competitive natures - see here
    : https://forum.nofap.com/index.php?threads/any-age-accountability-group.225954/

    Hopefully I can report further benefits from day 60!

    Carry on the fight!
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  2. Cheez_N

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    Congrats mate!

    I’m hoping to be where you are in a months time I’m on my 3rd day and I’m just full of anxiety and anger but knowing that 7-14 days is where the benefits start is really motivating
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  3. Halibut

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    Thanks man, the first 3 days are the hardest - hands down - keep going mate and you will start to see the benefits. It will feel bad for a while but keep in mind that this is the brain trying to get you to go back to pmo. Stick it out and you will see more and more light at the end of the tunnel
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  4. DGZ

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    Awesome, congrats man! Good to see you're seeing all these benefits. We're all different, I'm still in a flatline.

    May I ask, at what age did you start PMO, and how many times per week on average do you think you PMO'd?
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  5. Halibut

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    Thanks mate, we are all different very true and I have even found that each one of my streaks is never exactly the same. I started pmo at like 12/13 and at my worst moments I used to pmo up to 4 times a day and at least once a day
  6. Spartan Shibz

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    Fantastic! Very well done. Great work.

    My longest streak is 17 days. I remember when I thought 3 days would be impossible. I'll never give up. I promise to quit porn and live an awesome life!

    All the best going forward :)
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  7. quit@porn

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    Great to hear....... I am not able to do it till now........
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  8. Halibut

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    Mate 17 days is a good streak, which I am sure you are capable at beating - keep on going - all the best!
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  9. You use some really effective terms in your post that resonate with me.
    Glad to hear of your progress, human.
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  10. You were a human the whole time, but now that your damage is being healed, you are starting to feel your humanity again.
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  11. guitopher

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    Good job man.
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  12. the alpha project

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    Incredible success and very motivating thank you for sharing!
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  13. PowerfulSRE

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    Congrats mate! Waiting your post on 60, good luck and thank you for sharing!
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  14. Jimmylin

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    Well done!
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  15. StoneyTrevor

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    Good job Im happy youre experiencing a certain side of yourself!
    Were here for you!
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