30 days - the pros, the cons - and why YOU should get to this point

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    So, as of about 2 hours ago, I'm now officially past the 30 day mark. Prior to this my streaks only typically lasted a week because I basically went the "NoFrequentFap" route rather than trying to avoid PMO for any longer period. This time I decided to do things differently, and in this thread I'll deal with the results of that.

    So first thing's first, let's deal with how I managed to reach 30 days. Prior to this streak, I reached 8 days, and then reset, so how did I get a whole 22 days further this time? Simple:
    • Accountability. I made myself publicly accountable by starting my journal here at NoFap.com. Prior to this I had no journal and so the only person judging my results was me, and I was always good at convincing myself I had a reason to reset. This time I knew I'd not just be letting myself down, but the people reading my journal too. I also told some of my friends about NoFap along with my day count, so that I'd know that if I reset they'd know when I mentioned my new day count.
    • Large goals. There was a study my friend informed me about, where kids were all given some time to learn an instrument, and they were all split into different groups. One group of the kids committed to learning the instrument for a month, another group for a year, and another group for life. The group who committed for life, were able to better learn to play the instrument in less than 1/30th of the time that it took for the other groups. The same principle applies to NoFap, if you make a long commitment, it's easier to go further with it. So I set myself a 90+ day goal.
    • Finding other things to do. The number one cause of PMO isn't temptation or desire, it's boredom. Most people these days are bored. We live in a world full of instant gratification, so if something isn't constantly feeding us those nice little dopamine hits, we get tired of it quickly. As a result, we then turn to PMO, drugs, and other vices to try to retain that fix. So in order to avoid PMO, you need to find yourself new healthy habits to keep yourself busy. For me it was a lot of working out, meditation, facing my anxiety, books, and a little video games.
    • Having an emergency plan. Urges are temporary. They arise in an instant, and they only usually last 2-3 minutes at most, rarely ever longer, but what gets us with urges is that we typically don't wait them out, and act impulsively as soon as they arrive. So I had to have a plan to allow me to ride out urges until they faded. For me this involved deep breathing, laying down, or distracting myself with comedy on YouTube, or in a worst case scenario, imagining terrible violence and other disgusting things that would completely turn me off and kill any urges in a heartbeat.
    • Blocking porn. I see a lot of people on here saying they want to get serious, but then they won't even block porn. If you're trying to stop watching porn, you have to block it, simple as that. It's not like if you decide a few months down the line that you want to watch some porn with your girl or something and that it's okay, that you're going to struggle because of the blocker - no, they're easy to uninstall. The point is that they provide a much needed barrier during those times of urges, that the uninstall process itself will take longer than the urge itself will usually last, meaning you have a chance to see what you're doing and stop yourself before it's too late. For me rather than K9 or anything of the sort I simply added all of the porn sites I use to a block in my hosts file.
    • Seeing the other side. I learned a lesson about addiction a long time ago. As an ex drug addict, I quickly learned that addiction can only truly be beaten by finding something new and positive that you care more about than the habit you're trying to remove. Trying to simply run from a habit, full of guilt, shame, and regret, will get you nowhere. You'll have a lapse of momentary weakness, and you'll be back at it again in no time. No, to truly quell a habit, you need to see the "light at the end of the tunnel", some bright future that simply leaves no room for that habit, that you love even more than your hate for the habit. For me with NoFap, this was confidence and the ability to socialise easier, since I've always had trouble with severe social anxiety.
    Alright so now that we've dealt with how I made it to the 30 day mark. How did it go? Was it worth it? Was it hard? Let's talk about all of that.

    How difficult was the process?

    Honestly, the first week was one of the hardest weeks of my life. It's funny, along the NoFap process, I've told a lot of other people about NoFap, and many of them find the idea silly, but when asked how long they could go without PMO, most of them would agree that even 24 hours would be a difficult feat. PMO really does have quite the death grip of its own on us, and it can be very hard to shake. The first week was really quite hard indeed, but because I had my journal and didn't want to tell you all that I slipped up and didn't even make the 8 days I'd made prior this time, I forced myself to stick through it.

    After the first week was up, things gradually got easier, and honestly here at the 30 day mark, I rarely think about actual PMO. My sex drive is through the roof, and I'd totally be down for real sex right now, but P or MO? No thanks, not on the menu right now.

    Was there anything negative during the process? Anything that perhaps made NoFap not worth it?

    Honestly for me the only thing even close to being a negative about the whole process is that I'm a naturally really flirty person and so I had to watch myself on the arousal front and be careful it didn't lead to PMO urges. That's about it, and I'm not sure if I should really even consider that a negative since it gave me more self control.

    What can be done to get more out of the process?

    Well, I'm big on details and information. In my past as a drug addict, I was also quite the drug nerd. I studied their pharmacology intently, I could tell you the interactions any of the drugs I tried had with different receptors or systems in the brain, or how they were metabolised. Information for me was a mental turn on, I liked knowing how things worked, and using that to get the most out of something. NoFap was no different in that regard, I read all the studies done on abstaining from masturbation/O, and on sexual exhaustion, porn addiction etc - and using them I formulated a plan.

    You see, orgasm is a funny thing, because it's actually very similar to that old addiction of mine, opiates. Opiates provide a brief glimpse of a pain free world, but in return, they cause a whole host of side effects, one of which is damage to your androgen system (your testosterone etc). Orgasm, also releases an opiate, beta-endorphin, one of your brain's natural opiates. So it too, causes trouble for your androgen system, and basically down-regulates the androgen receptors, meaning even if you have naturally high testosterone levels - there are less places for that testosterone to bind and take effect, making it less effective.

    So, NoFap will help allow those receptors to recover, but was there more I could do? Well as someone who works out, I'm well aware of different supplements used to help your body produce testosterone. "ZMA" is one of the most popular, it's a combination of three basic vitamins: Zinc, Magnesium, and B6, that are all involved in the process of testosterone synthesis. If you're deficient on any of those, your testosterone levels will suffer, so I supplemented with those throughout the whole process.

    I also added D3 and Calcium to that stack, for similar reasons as both have also been shown to help with testosterone levels. Then finally, I added an interesting plant to the mix. Tribulus Terrestris. It's infamous in bodybuilding circles because of a study that was done that found that it didn't elevate testosterone levels in people, and so after that point its reputation suffered. However I've done my research, and the primary use of protodioscin, the active component of Tribulus, is not to directly raise testosterone, but to increase expression of androgen receptors, where that testosterone binds. In other words, it directly promotes healing of the same system damaged by PMO - when I realised that, I had to add it to my stack, and it has certainly helped the healing process along.

    I've also worked out roughly 6 days a week, made sure I ate plenty of good fats and good cholesterol (as a veggie, this basically meant: eggs, heaps of eggs), since both help with testosterone levels, took cold showers, and more recently, started intermittent fasting (eating all my meals in an 8 hour window each day, and then going 16 hours without food).

    What about the pros? Did NoFap have any benefits?

    Well wow, where do I even get started? If you read my journal linked in my signature, you can see the differences from post to post. Day 1 I rated my energy level a 5 out of 10, but by a couple of weeks in, I was already getting to the point where my 1-10 scale was no longer sufficient for the increased levels of energy I was feeling, as they were way beyond what I'd have previously rated as a 10. I eventually just had to scrap the scale entirely because my energy levels got so high.

    Perhaps one of the most noticeable of all the effects was the clear-headedness. I saw a lot of people talking about PMO causing brain fog, but I really didn't know what anyone meant, until I saw first hand just how much clearer my thinking got after abstaining from it a while. A few days ago, I had a brief moment where I woke up in a brain fog, and I quickly realised that was exactly how I felt during my PMO habit.. and suddenly I could see just how far I'd came. The brain fog is not only clouding the thoughts, but it also made me feel like some anxious shy little rodent wanting to hide away from the world in the walls somewhere. Now I feel like a lion.

    Health-wise, NoFap pushed me to workout much harder than I'd ever done before, since the renewed energy and drive made me push myself to my limits. I also started eating healthier and tracking my protein and calories. So in my time on NoFap, I've lost around 4-5lbs+ of fat, and put on muscle too.

    My willpower muscle has also grown in that time. I still remember back when addicted to drugs, that addiction had such a hold over me that I was convinced I'd be stuck with it for life. After beating it, the sheer willpower I gained from such a feat, completely turned all areas of my life around, and turned me from someone going nowhere, to someone finding success in every avenue. For me part of NoFap was once again about flexing that willpower muscle and helping it to grow. I've gained a lot of self control, and become better at the things I do. I teach self-improvement/self-development stuff via YouTube and written books etc, and one thing I noticed is that I'm able to work harder and better at that now, because I have more self control.

    I've cleaned up my appearance. This one is a weird unexpected side effect of NoFap. I'd been growing my hair for around 8 years, and after conquering my drug addiction I was left with such a high level of social anxiety that I couldn't even get myself to the hairdressers to finally get it cut. My hair was unhealthy, looked bad, and needed a change. Shortly after starting NoFap I summoned the courage to get it cut, and I look much better as a result. I genuinely like seeing myself now when I'm editing my videos etc, whereas before I didn't.

    I have more natural vitality. I mentioned just now seeing myself in my videos as I'm editing them, and one of the more noticeable things for me is that I just seem so much more "alive" in my newer videos recorded while doing NoFap. In my latest video, I recorded the whole thing while I was really nervous about some IRL things, and I thought I was going to be looking all glum and down - and I looked at the video and I looked happier and more alive than even the most energetic of videos I'd recorded in the past, and this was me during a "low" part of the day - so it goes without saying during the high parts I appear to have even more vitality.

    By far perhaps the most important benefit, is what NoFap did for my anxiety. I mentioned earlier the "light at the end of the tunnel" anyone looking to conquer any bad habit needs, and for me this was the idea of conquering my social anxiety once again. Now I can't say NoFap is a miracle cure, my social anxiety is still there, and there's a long journey still to be had, but I have made some major leaps and bounds in this last month towards that goal. For one, that trip to get my hair cut. Two, I forced myself to go out to the bars and clubs, spoke to strangers, and have a good time socialising.

    Yesterday, I also faced a perhaps even greater part of my social anxiety: phone calls. I dread phone calls like an animal dreads the slaughterhouse. It's irrational and silly, but I find it much harder to talk to someone over Skype or the phone than I do face to face, just thinking about it makes me queasy. Yesterday I was in a Skype call with a new friend for a good 5-6~ ish hours total over multiple calls and I felt genuinely comfortable talking to her and had a great time.

    Then there's magnetism. I read the reports about this before, but genuinely I thought it was just people kidding themselves. You know which reports I mean, the ones where people said after going on NoFap suddenly all the ladies were turning their heads and giving them attention. I never thought I'd be the one to be confirming this effect, but well, I am. When I went out to the club no NoFap, it really felt like I was in some AXE commercial, I got up on the empty dance floor, and just by being there and dancing I was soon surrounded with 5-6 hot girls who were ALL trying to dance with and talk to me. Female friends gave me more attention and indicators of interest during conversations. I was naturally more flirty and seductive. NoFap, or the retention of that sexual energy, certainly does wonders for your personal magnetism.

    As a little last side note, although I guess maybe this could be slightly triggering to some so just in case **SLIGHT TRIGGER WARNING** - NoFap of course increased the size of my balls since they were full the whole time, but interestingly I also experienced a significant increase in the size of my penis when flaccid, along with a significant increase in girth while hard. I also had new patches of hair spring up around my body, random boners all day like when I was a teen. The effects on my testosterone system were quite noticeable, particularly after I added in the Tribulus.

    So to summarise:
    NoFap helped me face my anxiety, get more attention from the ladies, be more confident, have more energy, workout harder, lose fat, gain muscle. In this last month I've experienced a lot of growth. It's been quite the journey. I highly recommend others to take up the challenge, at least for a month, you won't regret it, I guarantee it.
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    Congratulations on your great accomplishment of 30 days. Ordinarily, guys can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks on their own without busting, so it is a definite sign that you are implementing some true recovery tools whenever you get out of what is commonly referred to as that 21-day gravity pit. Now you are past that, and all your steps here on are ones that are climbing the true recovery mountain. Keep up the good work.
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    Hey man awesome to hear that you were able to quit opiates as well as start nofap.

    I was wondering how you felt after quitting opiates and if there was anything that helped you recover quicker.
    I'm currently on nofap and quit opiates almost 2 months ago but am suffering from an emotional flatline/PAWS. This has always been the worst part about recovering for me because of always feeling down and lethargic.
    I'm not sure if its from the drugs, from nofap, or maybe both but my energy levels have been pretty low and feeling borderline depressed for a few weeks now.
    I know this is only temporary but it sucks being in the dark about this and not sure when I'll start to feel better.

    What helped you most during your opiate recovery?

    P.S. What's your youtube channel btw if you don't mind sharing it.
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    Wow man now thats recovery! I've only completed my 4th day but I can so relate to the results you are seeing. Theres just so much more focus in life, if you know what I mean? Also I seem like my mind isnt scattered all over the place as today I memorized 3 pages for class in probably a third of the time it would take me after watching P for an hour. I know Im only at the beginning so i dont wanna jinx it. Thanks for the much needed motivation bro. Lets see you bash that 90 day mark before June!!
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    NoFap should help with energy levels, but the thing is, opiate addiction, much like PMO, fucks with your androgen system (i.e. testosterone etc), and to a much greater extent. What 10 years of PMO does to it, opiates can do in a few months. So once clean, it's a long steady recovery before you feel normal again. It took me a while, however, I can say that now, with the help of my daily meditation, working out, NoFap etc - I'm actually feeling happier, more energetic, and better than I did even before my opiate addiction.

    It's been over a year since I quit IV, and slightly under that since I got off the Bupe I tapered with. The first few months I was just kinda in zombie mode like I got past the cravings pretty quick by directing my goals elsewhere (meditation, spiritual pursuits, self-improvement) but like my head was still all over the place, my energy and motivation were low, my hygiene was still almost as bad as it was during my addiction, and I ate very little.

    One of the things I found that actually helped a lot with that and sped things up was starting to do Qigong and Yoga. They require much less energy and effort than working out, but similar to working out they break you out of inertia and make you feel more energised throughout the day. They also increased my appetite, and were the start of me starting to eat large amounts again which allowed me to get all the way from ~100lbs to 160lbs in a few months and stop looking like I'd just got out of a prison camp.

    Finding something I was passionate about as much as I was passionate about opiates during my time on them. For me, part of what got me interested in drugs in the first place was the spiritual side of things like psychedelics - I liked introspection, deep exploration of my own psyche, and the lessons that came from some of my more profound trips. So I decided to take up other spiritual practices to reach similar places and further that exploration without drugs. I started meditating daily and have been ever since (hands down this is probably the no.1 thing that ensured I recovered as well as I have), I started working out daily. I started reading a lot of self-improvement books and applying the lessons within, as well as listening to lectures and talks from various self-help gurus on YouTube.

    Now more recently one of the things that's sped up my recovery even more was starting the channel I made. I believe most people are primarily consumers. We absorb lots of information from books, TV, games, the internet etc - but we create very little to share back. When you start creating content of your own, whether it's writing books, making videos, writing guides for things, or teaching people.. It's extremely therapeutic and makes you feel like you're actually a worthwhile person doing something that's benefiting others. I can't even begin to describe how much better I feel about my life since I started my channel, it has done as much or more for me as it has done for anyone who has benefited from my videos.

    I'll send it via PM, I don't really mind sharing it here but I'd prefer if there wasn't an overt link between my channel and my NoFap user in case I want to post more personal details of my life in my journal etc that I wouldn't want to share with my whole audience.

    Yep! Keep it up, also, I see the 7 day goal in your sig, definitely make your goal larger than that - I did the whole every 7 days thing for a while, but I've noticed for me the biggest benefits kicked in around the 14 day mark. So see if you can go 2+ weeks. It's worth it man! :D

    I've been trying to apply the same principles that got me past my opiate addiction. I think that has helped a lot. I was hands down one of the worst people anywhere at handling bad habits in the past - I went through SO many attempts to break my addictions to opiates, cigarettes, stimulants etc, because I'd make so many mistakes that meant my attempts would just be futile and always end in relapse.

    Eventually I found the key, which was to find something positive to draw you forward to something new, rather than simply relying on your distaste for the bad habit to draw you away from it. It's really helped with NoFap.

    Thanks again everyone! So glad to have got this far, and looking forward to hitting the next milestones!
  6. Chef Boy

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    Congrats. How many mg of Tribulus are you taking each day?
  7. Physicist

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    I love this post man. Keep it up. I'm going through what you went through earlier and this reassures me to continue. Love it!
  8. JesusGreen

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    1000mg of a brand named "Tribu Stallion" by ActivLab, it's a Polish brand. It's supposed to be 60% saponins by weight, so that'd be 600mg~ saponins of which maybe 150-200mg is protodioscin, the stuff that produces the androgen receptor restoring effects.

    On the bottle it says to take 2-3 a day, but I didn't want to overdo it on the libido and ruin my NoFap streak so I started with 1 - and I found 1 to be effective so figured why take any more than that?
  9. Some great tips in that original post. Thanks for sharing.
  10. RyGuy

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    I was just looking through the forums because i had a huge urge, and I'll be honest, I almost gave in.
    But reading this was absolutely wonderful, its just what i needed to read. It has inspired me to keep going with
    my streak (5 days). I love it!:):)
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    That was inspiring! I miss being past 30 days, because of the world it opens up to you! So jealous you're at that point! :)
  12. RetroMike

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    AWESOME! This post truly inspired me to get back streak again. I have been off and on with NoFAP due to being unemployed and having the flu the past couple of days. Your story gave me the inspiration to channel my energy from PMO to other activities that I enjoy (working out, music production, etc.) Thank you JesusGreen! Keep on KEEPING ON!
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    hey Jesus Green i had a question
    that, is masterbation related to overeating?
    like if you eat a lot so more fat so more cholesterol so more androgens so more testosterone so more urge??
  14. JesusGreen

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    Masturbation doesn't happen because of increased testosterone. Increased testosterone is a good thing. It increases your sex drive yes, but your sex drive isn't what compels you to masturbate, it's the reward circuits you've built up around that particular habit. Normal sex drive compels us to find a partner, get in a relationship, or have sex with someone - but through bad habits we've corrupted that drive into us wanting to masturbate instead.

    High fat & cholesterol diets are a good thing, because masturbation ruins your androgen system, and so by working with and improving that system you'll recover faster.

    For example, my sex drive now is 10-20x higher than before I started NoFap, but my urges are 1000x lower. Tonight I'm having some vodka since it's a Friday night, and normally I could NEVER drink without at least one PMO happening that night, but now I don't even feel like it in the slightest, like it doesn't interest me - real sex, sure, but masturbation? No thanks!

    However, if you're overeating to the point that you're putting on excess weight, then you should deal with that - but not for NoFap related reasons, just for general health related reasons. Good health though will help with NoFap of course.

    A little tip if you're finding yourself eating too much, is calculate your body fat % using the navy method here: http://fitness.bizcalcs.com/Calculator.asp?Calc=Body-Fat-Navy

    Then once you've got that, look at what the lean mass says in the calculator, and use this formula, to calculate the calories you need each day:
    BMR (men and women) = 370 + (21.6 X lean mass in kg)

    Take the number you get and multiply it based on how active you are:
    Sedentary = BMR X 1.2 (little or no exercise, desk job)
    Lightly active = BMR X 1.375 (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/wk)
    Mod. active = BMR X 1.55 (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/wk)
    Very active = BMR X 1.725 (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days/wk)
    Extr. Active = BMR X 1.9 (hard daily exercise/sports & physical job or 2 X day training, marathon, football camp, contest, etc.)

    The final value you get == your maintenance calories, aka the calories to eat each day to stay exactly the same weight, no weight gain, no weight loss. To lose weight, you need to be below that. To gain weight, you need to be above that.

    That formula is really accurate in my experience, for me it comes to around 2300, and that really is my maintenance calories, under 2300 I lose weight, over 2300 I gain weight. So the calculation is good.

    Then just track calories for long enough to get familiar with the average calories in each meal you eat - and ensure you're under maintenance calories if you want to lose weight. Losing/gaining weight is simple. More calories than you need == you will gain weight. Less calories than you need == you will lose weight. All this exercising to lose weight etc is just an added extra, without the calorie control it wont help.

    Hope this helps! :) Thanks for the awesome comments everyone.
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    Wow. What a great read. Ur experience with nofap has provided a lot of guidance for me. Especially when u were saying that urges dont even last long unless we entertain them. Thnx for sharing. Today is my 6th day in so im feeling a lot of urges especially because of stress but hopefully with a backup plan like urs ill do fine. And omg. The brain foggyness happens to me too. I used to spend the whole day just dragging. So unproductive. Im seeing the change. Hopefully I continue and get a plan like urs.
  16. Man! Very inspiring post. I love it. Makes me go for more and more. Thank you.
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  17. Excellent and inspiring post, thank you for sharing!
  18. longjohntom

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    former drug addict here too my addiction was more stimulants but I understand how opiates are just as worse or even worse.
    We have more will power than the average human lets use that to our advantage!
  19. johnwick

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    Such a great post, wow. Thanks for writing all this :)
  20. Observation_Action

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    a very sweet and humble post. love it :)

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