30 days without PMO for the first time in 10 years. Amazing

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Adrsrg, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Adrsrg

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    30 days without PMO, Amazing.

    This is a real success for me, because I’ve been trying the NoFap challenge for 1 year. And I’ve never could reach the 30 days. I was a porn user since I’m 14 years old, masturbating daily until I was 20 years old. Growing with this habit is destructive in many ways, depression, anxiety attacks and make you feel worth less. Since I’m a young kid I’ve never had trouble with girls, have a lot of friends and have a successful academic career (Almost finishing my major). But I was just missing one important thing; sex. I’m 21 years old and I just been with 1 woman. Had hand jobs and blowjobs a couple of times from different girls but no sex lol. So, I thought that the NoFap challenge would help me with that. But the benefits I’m feeling right now go way to far than having just sex.

    I´m feeling more confident than ever, everything flows naturally without caring about what people think about me. And people around you love that, being solid with your personality and yourself will take you a long way.

    No more brain fog, I had trouble with this feeling a lot when I was at work and in school, but I haven’t experienced that feeling like in 1 week, I feel more capable of doing my responsibilities and in a better way.

    I have more energy and stamina than ever. I thought that if you train daily you will have more stamina and energy, that’s true. But the thing that people never tell you is that without PMO you will feel like you can dodge a bull like a matador. Football is one of my passions in life, and yesterday I could play an entire football match and I felt I could play more time, that’s crazy. Because before I always go out of the game like in the 50-60 minute and feeling like my lungs are exploding lol.

    Girls and people in general want to be around me. This is new for me, because I was always asking to hang and searching for my friends and girls. But now they are always trying to find me and hang out with me. I feel like your aura is way bigger when you don’t have PMOs and you attract all the people that surround you, amazing.

    Feeling this type of way, I think having sex will come naturally like it is supposed to be, I like the way things are going. I think I would never fap again, this is a lifestyle you won’t let go. I’m starting to fall in love with my new self, my true self. I think that the first 30 are the most difficult of all. But I’m very excited to know the results when you reach 60, 90, 120 days without PMOs. Thank you for all your success and struggle stories, those really help you to keep going in this difficult journey. Peace, I will keep you posted.
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    Good job! I had the same feeling too. Keep it up and good things will come
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    Absolutely I agree about the confidence and work part. It's been night and day- I'm like a whole new person.

    Congrats on your success, keep it up!
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    Great Man...
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    Well done, mate ^^
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  6. I hit over thirty for the first time as well. Although, in my case, the urges are still extremely strong. Are you still feeling the urges and pulls toward porn?
  7. I've checked twice author nickname because everything seemed like i would wrote it. I sign for your post with my 2 hands, feel the same, gz.
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  8. Wow great job, really motivating! Hope you post again at day 60!
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    cya tomorrow on other side mate, cheers for you, this is great success
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    Yes, I still have urges to watch porn but you need to be very strong its worth it. When you have the urge to watch porn do something to distract your mind, pick a book, go for a run, etc... But the thing Im trying now is a rewiring technique, when you have the urge, talk to a girl you have on your contact list. This helps me to clear my mind when I have a cool conversation that could lead to something else. Be strong mate!
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    glad to see you success, good luck!
  12. MeTP

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    Congratulations !
  13. Uncomfortably Numb

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    I am scrolling through Success post from those who are at a similar stage to me... just to add my congratulations and support

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