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    Today is my 31st day no PMO!

    First off, I want to tell you why I started NoFap in the first place. The first time I found out about pornography was about the same time I masturbated for the first time. The two were always liked together. Ever since then, I turned from a confident kid into a person filled with guilt, depression, and anxiety. People always invited me to parties and stuff like that, but I was so afraid of being socially active and making a fool of myself. However, I did end up getting a girlfriend my senior year of highschool, but whenever we tried to have intercourse, I couldn't get it up. Every time it happened I immediately thought that watching porn had something to do with it, which I later learned actually happens to many men (porn-induced erectile dysfunction).

    I soon found NoFap.com and that many people afflicted by the same problems (like depression and PIED) had incredible results refraining from porn and masturbation! I was at the end of my rope so I thought what the hell and tried it, but did not succeed right away.

    It was only when I tried to quit porn and masturbation when I realized how dependent and addicted I was to it. I would only last a day at a time trying to quit, but would relapse at the thought of getting quick relief from my negative outlook on the world. But one day I just looked myself in the mirror and said enough was enough. The urges were really bad the first couple weeks, but I soon realized that these urges were completely normal and that all I had to do was be strong enough to not give in and relapse. Thinking about how I was before I started NoFap kept me going. Now it feels like I'm on top of the world. I like when people list the benefits they get from NoFap so here are mine (and I promise I'm not exaggerating anything):

    1. Depression is virtually gone.
    2. No more flashbacks of embarrassing things I've done in the past.
    3. A big reduction in my social anxiety.
    4. Looking people in the eye when talking to them is completely natural now and I don't think about it when I do it.
    5. More self-confidence, and I don't know if it's because of an increase in pheromones, but women find me and my company more enjoyable.
    6. I'm not afraid to tell people what I want or how I feel.
    7. Better sleep.
    8. Music sounds sooooooo good.
    9. Simple pleasures like a cup of coffee are enhanced.
    10. Everything in my life just doesn't seem so bad anymore and I look forward to tomorrow.

    I'm seriously convinced my dopamine receptors were incredibly screwed up compared to how I feel now. I feel like I'm dipped in "me" sauce and the world, even how crazy it is right now, is fantastic. I smile more and actually want to talk to people I don't know! Previous me wouldn't believe the mindset I have now. It's almost like with every day I don't watch porn, I heal my brain back to those great times before masturbation and porn like elementary school where you weren't afraid to interact with everyone :) .

    However, to get to where I am now, I'm convinced you can't masturbate even if you cut out porn. I tried that, but my brain always tricked me into watching porn again. I think semen retention (but REAL sex is an exception in my mind) helps rewire/heal your brain faster. Like famous comedian, Theo Von, who is trying to quit, said in one of his podcasts, "I feel like if I injected my cum back into me, I think it would make me feel better." This is an obvious joke as it is impossible to do that, but I think many of us have thought about how when we cum we feel more weak and tired, like our energy force was drained. Post-nut clarity, as some people describe this, is just a name describing this awful feeling, BUT IT IS NOT CLARITY, its THAT feeling that is the false perception.

    I am so thankful for this community and what it stands for. I never thought I would get to 31 days, but here I am... happy as ever! Here's to many more days porn and masturbation free!
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    Good job brother. Now, it is time to move forward in your life and forget the porn addiction.
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  3. Sobretension

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    Good to hear your success story. Here im at 12 days and in hope to write here as you did
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  4. B-Josh

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    Really happy for u mate.
    I always got triggered by many sexual things found on the Fb, Instagram and that is how the snowball effect started and eventually I relapsed :(
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  5. goingForIt123

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    I used to get triggered by those, and still do to a certain extent. However, its how you handle those triggers that matter. You can't block out the world, so you might as well embrace that people post sexual things. But you CANT act on them. Think about how masturbating is just momentary pleasure and how you'll feel worse after. It just isn't worth it.
  6. goingForIt123

    goingForIt123 Fapstronaut

    You got this! Stay strong!
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  7. congratulations man!! want to see your review for 60 days...
    Also do you see any cognitive improvements this time?
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  8. goingForIt123

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    I definitely think clearer now and think most of my brain fog has lifted. I'll have to wait until college rolls around to see if I have improved cognitive function and memory, but I have high hopes!
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    A fantastic turn
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    bro.....congratulations! Its a great success story!

    Happy for the benefits you are experiencing. Imagine how great you will feel when you go to 90 days or 180 days or 360 and beyond? :)
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