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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by semmet, Sep 3, 2019.

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    So I was gone for 2 months and now I'm back.
    Life got kind of overwhelming, I got my first job, moved to another city, and now I'm trying to get used to this full time job lifestyle.

    Porn addiction is still an issue, and that's why I came back. I wanna do so many things but I feel like this addiction is holding me back.
    So I came up with a plan, it's definitely not my first one, and saying "it's different this time" has become a cliche. But I gotta keep trying. It's not just about PMO, it includes everything, becoming more social, regular work outs, balanced diet, less time on computer, etc.

    30 days. There's something I need to do, and I need to be at my best, and that can't happen if I keep PMOing. 30 days to recover, to prepare.

    It begins today. Day 0.
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  2. semmet

    semmet Fapstronaut

    Day 1.
    Just worked out.
    Damn it feels good.
    I usually work out for only about 20 minutes (trying to do that at least 4 days a week), but I make sure to push my body to its limits.
    Things are going fine at work. So far.
    Some things are going to change though, lets see what happens.
    I'm way behind schedule on my Nanodegree course though, need to something about that or I'd loose the scholarship.

    Alright. Here we go.
  3. semmet

    semmet Fapstronaut

    Day 2.
    Managed to work out today as well.
    My left shoulder is hurting a bit though.
    Urges get a super boost at night :emoji_joy:
    I think it's only going to get more difficult to resist them. Gotta up the game.

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