30 Days!

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  1. I never thought I'd be here writing about my success with 30 days, it always came through my mind as a really far goal that's gonna take a long time to accomplish, ideas that I've shelved because this accomplishment rarely came by my mind and is usually a simple fantasy of some sort.
    Not anymore.
    Today, I reached thirty days! I cranked up my goal to ninety without a second thought, I did it! I always told myself that I have to do this, or else I'd have to start 2015 with another failure, and I actually did it. I've seen quite a few benefits so far, and I'd like to share my story.

    User for a year, never thought twice about it thinking that it's perfectly normal. Worst mistake ever, if I continued blindly I'd be in big trouble. One day I discovered the consequences of PMO, how you're at risk of ED and your sensitivity levels will drop. I realized that I'm way less sensitive to things around me, I've been numbed my porn and I was always seeking for more, things got crazier everyday. I decided to change.

    Since July I started trying out NoFap. I've heard of it and I know what to do, but attempting it with a pen and paper solo was really hard. Sure enough, for the next two months I just kept failing. On September 9th, I joined the NoFap site, knowing that it's the right thing to do and would only benefit me. Throughout these few months I experienced many failures, five terrible journals to start with and I only made it as far as 18 days in those few months. Finally, I asked myself: Is this really what I wanna do?

    After two months, I started getting the hang of it. Despite the many relapses, I always picked myself up, and cleaned things up ASAP. I always made sure I never start binging, and that I'm back on track. For the first month I kept going back to porn, looking at images and videos every time I relapsed. But after awhile I didn't allow myself to go back to porn, didn't allow myself to look at anything. I only relapsed because I succumbed to the urges and my fantasies flushes my mind like crazy (more on that later). If I feel the urges, I'd try to relieve them through my workouts or by keeping myself busy. After two months, I started getting disgusted by porn, I started getting the hang of avoiding edging, only thing left to fight: Fantasizing
    My fantasies are the biggest enemy, usually the reason why I relapse. So, I always made sure I have something in my mind to keep me busy. School, video games, music, dancing, all that stuff. For a very long time I kept losing to my fantasies when I'm six to ten days in. But over here, I finally broke through my longest streak, my average relapse time, found the key to handling the urges. I asked myself, "Do I really wanna do this?" making sure that it means more than I made it, making sure that the goals are worth the pain! It was, so all I focused on is reaching that goal. Feeling beaten up by urges? Look at your goal, but not in the way you'd expect. Don't think about how far you still have to go, think about how far you've gotten. You've done 3 days? You can do 4. Done 18? You're over halfway there. Almost there? Don't mess up, go for it already!

    Next Goals
    I'm planning on reaching ninety days next, and I feel that I can do it, I am confident about it. I'm a third of the way there already, I can't give up. Everything's in place for a great start for 2015 (for me, how about you) and there's a great momentum going on for me. I hope this would help you guys out! Good luck and stay motivated!

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