30+ on NoFap; Proggression so far and why I decided to nofap.

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    When I decided to start NoFap, I was going through a shitty situation; My contract with the company I was working with was about to finish and I had troubles with my former gf. After my contract finished and I decided to broke up with my girlfriend, I was left with an incomplete thesis and no job, no gf and a few bucks that I saved for investment. I felt that I didn't have time to waste, I had to get some shit done, yet I was having this sensation of not being worthy at all for anyone, not only for women but for my family, I didn't feel that I could possibly provide to my family, to my newborn nephew could not even provide to my self. The only two constant in my life was PMO and feeling miserable. I spent most all my time playing hots(damn you, blizzard), I somehow believed that it helped to relax so I can concentrate in something more important after I finish playing, I was BS myself.

    Someday on youtube I saw this video from a guy who completed 90+ challenge of NoFAP, he described it as something amazing, something that had its ups and down but it was worth the shot. I though that it was BS because I tried before and fail. But this time I had a little plan. I wrote the pattern I follow and the triggering moments, actions or anything that makes me go PMO. When I finished it and read the whole thing I found myself as a disgusting person and said to myself "Do I really do that before PMO? I'm a perv" those words on my head made me realized that something have to change in my life. So removing a Bad habit was the way to begin a journey to a better life.

    I don't know why I decided to tell this history, but there...I did it, what you gonna do? Arrest me? I just have this feeling that I have to giveback a history, because whenever I felt the urges I sometimes came to this forum and read the success histories everyone was telling. So it gave me an extra day of no PMO.

    Proggression so far:

    1. I really feel great, in fact, I don't remember the last time I felt this way. Most of the time I have a genuine smile on my face and music feels so good now.
    2. My father is having a some health issues and depression because of it, and it sucks, but somehow my heart doesn't feel any fear about it, in fact I started to hug him more, care about him more and Help my mother with any situations than before quitting PMO. After all, you only have one sets of parents, take care of them, folks.
    3. Now I'm able to stick with a plan, meditate all nights before bed and can follow and propper gym plan. (Guys, go to jeff cavaliere channel, subscribe you'll thank me later)
    4. Confidence still need some work, but it's improving. A genuine smile on your face and saying hi to people can help you to break the ice.
    5. Urges, but manageable.
    6. I really don't have the feeling to watch some P
    7. I can now manage my self destructive thinking in a way that I can get out of that cycle by myself. Sometimes I just need some good ol' michael jackson songs to get my through those mood swings. After it passes BAM! I'm up all night to get lucky .

    I didn't talk about my situations with women, because I feel the need to really focus on myself, take care of my mental health and physical health. So for me, women are not a problem. I don't really look having a serious relationships nor a one night encounter. I wanted to complete the 90+ challenge first and my thesis before looking for any women.

    Suggestions :
    1. Delete FB, IG, twitter etc. trust me on this one...
    2. take care of yourself, it could be buying yourself a new pair of shoes, and new shirt. But not everything is physically, but also mentally. Meditate, study, read, inform yourself. Learn new skills.
    3. ?????
    4. Profits!
    5. Try adding a good habit as you go through NoFap. A minor one will do the trick, everything else will come along with time.

    I'm willing to complete the 90+ challenge. And maybe write something else...

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