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  1. Today marks 300 days of no P and no M, and O only with my wife. It also marks over 60 days of no P-subs of any kind, including fantasizing thoughts. I think it is the last bit that has really pushed me over the top. My mind is the most free now that it has ever been in my adult life.

    I commit to confessing each day that I am powerless to control my tendency to do the wrong thing, and that I am fully dependent on Christ's help and strength in my life. I lay my life down to him each and every day, because I know now deep down in my bones -- after many years of fighting against it -- that his way is the only way that leads to true life. His care and control of my life has yielded far better results than mine ever did. And he has proven himself unfailingly good. I trust him. So, I entrust my self and my life to him. One day at a time.

    I commit to continuing to check in with my AP network on a daily basis. These men have changed over time, but their continual presence in my life has been a huge encouragement to me, and they have helped me stay the course many, many times when I thought to veer off of it. Long-term recovery cannot happen in isolation. These men are the community of brothers to which I owe an enormous debt of gratitude. I do not take you gentlemen for granted, and I can never repay you for your service and love to me. We will all move forward into greater Christ-likeness, one day at a time.

    I commit to keeping accountability software installed on all of my electronic Internet-connected devices for the remainder of my life. I do not trust myself in this area, and I never will. I feel today as if I will never go back to P, but I have felt this way before -- and fallen. I will do everything in my power to safeguard my heart and my mind. This includes humbling myself to allow my trusted APs to monitor all of my online activity. A cord of many strands is not soon broken. I will be mindful every time I am online and will continue to commit to never seek out artificially sexually arousing material. One day at a time.

    I'm just a regular fellow. There is nothing at all special or unique about me in any way. I am entirely average. I am also 100% committed to remain free from PMO from this day forward. As I was told long ago: Success in recovery is 100% guaranteed if you are 100% committed to the process. I have seen this to be true.

    Onward and upward!
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    Awesome @Tao Jones.
    Just a regular fellow that has been so kind and inspirational for me.
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    How did you stop the fantasizing thoughts? I'm really struggling with those..
  4. I follow the FREEdom process for establishing and maintaining mental discipline.

    I hope it may be a help to you, as well. I highly recommend reading the full book referenced at the link above and actually working through the material, in a group setting if at all possible. I was involved with 12-step style meetings for a few years, and that was incredibly helpful to me on my journey.
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    Wow very inspiring, humble and motivational! Thank you for your message!! Keep up the good work!!!
  6. Really great stuff. You are wrong about one thing. You are not average. You are amazing!
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    Thank for sharing your story! I am also a believer in Christ and need to get free from PMO and your story is true inspiration for me. You write about accountability software on your devices. What kind of software are you using?
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  9. I have used Accountable2You for the past few years and have been very pleased with it. It works on nearly any device and is very configurable. If I can ever serve as an AP with you in this capacity, just shoot me a DM on here. Praying for you and wishing you the best on your journey!
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    Congrats on 300! I find your posts and journey inspiring. I look forward to continue following your journey.
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    Congrats. I am feeling fantastic after 124 days on my journey. I'm on my way there
  13. Congrats!
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    I'm so proud of you tao !!

    I'm almost at 90 days. And I can say with confidence that you were an absolute huge part of being where I am today. If it weren't for your wisdom , support, and understanding especially during that first month I'm not sure if be where I am at today.
    You are a continuing inspiration to me , and I'm sure many others. Good job buddy !!!

    Let's keep it going !!
  15. Wow! Your kind words humble me greatly. I am so glad we met one another and have been on this journey together for nearly three months now. You have been a great encouragement to me, too, as you know. Onward to the rest of our lives!
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  16. Hey brother, congratulation for the achievement. Inspiring post!
    Btw, why your counter in signature is on 65 days?
  17. As my signature explains: "No P or M since 12-Sept-2018 (238 days + counter). P-sub viewed on 09-May-2019. P-subs = P so counter got reset."

    So, no P or M for over 300 days, and no P-subs for over 60 days.
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  18. Well said. That nicely summarizes much of my life, too. I wish you the best in finding for yourself the deep meaning you seek. If you have read through much of what I have written on this site, you know I am on that journey, as well!
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