30M looking for a M/F AP for my Hard Mode 90 day challenge

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    Hi NoFap Community,

    I am a 30 year old single male living in Victoria, BC who has had the misfortune of having fallen into porn and masturbation. I got trapped when I was 20. Since then I have been doing these undesirable things. Thankfully, I have never been a compulsive porn/masturbation addict. However, a bad habit is a bad habit and I want to become a better person by overcoming this evil thing. I look forward to get married in the next year or two and want to be a good husband.

    I am spiritual but not religious. I welcome any male or female to help me overcome this addiction. Any one over 18 is fine for me.

    My communication needs:
    I want to send an e-mail to my AP once every 3 days, giving him/her a progress update ( just 2 lines ) and chat once a week for about 15 mins on Skype/Google Chat to share my story of the week.

    If someone is interested to help me, please reply and I will get touch with you.

    Wish all of you success with overcoming masturbation and pornography.

    Thank you,

    Bharat ('Bart')

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