31 days clean - 5th 30 day clean mark, hopefully last

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  1. About 2.5 months ago, I had to split things on with my fiance (which is now my former) because she had some not-good things going on. Bless the situation. That was hard for me emotionally and I relapsed hard on alcohol and porn one week after our split. I watched porn for like 3 hours straight while getting intoxicated. I had a bad hangover the next day and I have been practicing Yoga for 8 years now. I said, "No more." No more alcohol, no more porn. The alcohol is easy; the porn not so much.

    I know I needed to link up with a compatible accountability partner. So, what did I do? Logged onto NoFap and linked with a like-minded accountability partner. I relapsed one time on a sexy video in late November; but, other than that, I have not visited any porn sites or looked at naked pictures since linking up with my AP, who lives in Texas. (I live in Ohio.) 31 days clean! super pumped! hopefully, it is from here on out. One day at a time...

    Props to my AP (Andrew) for making all our meetings and sending updates and encouragement daily, like we agreed upon. Props to him for making 21 days clean today! Longest streak for him ever! Big props!
  2. Congrats! Keep up the good work!
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  3. 94 dude +_-

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    Good stuff, man. Our partnership has been an important component in my recovery, and I recommend everyone look into seeking out at least one other person to keep accountability and to discuss in depth about both of your recoveries as you progress.

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