319 days no PMO, girls are all over me

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by modern milarepa, Mar 16, 2021.

  1. modern milarepa

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    Right now 319 days no PMO I have mostly the last months went out to the gym at a time that is empty and all the rest of the day I stay home, so little to nonexistent social interaction.

    But today I went out midtown to buy some things. Extrangely I notice girls kept their eyes on me, talked to each other about me and another girl touched my arm, she grabbed it really strong with her hand!!! I’ve been approached and looked before. But this time was just insane.

    It was too funny and ironically I´m staying in monk mode for like a year and a half more until I finish some studies, so no time for dating. Girls love what they can’t have I guess haha

    P.S I’m not Brad Pitt
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    NoFap Defender

  3. TB4

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    This it 50% of my nofap motivation
  4. PeterGrip

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    It's always since to get attention from others. Good shit, man.
  5. Rostrock47

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    Wow hands down brother. You're amazing. Keep it up.
  6. Well done pal ...thanks for sharing
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    You’re Gigachad.
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  9. modern milarepa

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    I made a promise to myself of no girls or fap until I get accepted to study a medical specialty. I'm a doctor.

    Also I'm not anymore into casual sex. It has to be a really special girl both in and out, for me to break my promise.
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    That's really impressive.
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  11. weeww 320 days u really best how u used your life power?
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  12. modern milarepa

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    Well, you just feel good by having this energy is an end in itself
  13. my age is 17 i failed many times but this time i am on day 36 my energy now is very low even i can’t do 10 pushups but on day 20/30 i was better daily doing 40 push ups , my low energy is because i worked hard in our garden also i played football is that good for me low energy for maintaining the challenge?
  14. The little prince

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    U can consider every move or action u do a new success story.
  15. modern milarepa

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    It can help because you use your energy gardening so you feel less need to fap if you are tired. I also started a garden a couple of days ago at my house, it gets you really tired but it looks good and gives a nice harmony to my home. Also I read in a taoist book that working at a garden balance your yin/femenine energy because of the contact to the earth. And that can be a problem in nofap alot of yang/masculine energy and little femenine energy can create tension a too much stress and that is when relapses happen.

    Also feeling extremely tired makes ejaculation easy, so dont over do it.
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    I really appreciate your view on this not to use nofap for sex. Achieving your own goals will make you so much more sophisticated and stern in a real relationship being able to withstand one if it does come across. I am studying a certain kind of music right now and I wish to make tracks of it. I’ve been to the gym and definitely going when it’s empty works out! I remember I headed straight to the chest press after my warm up. lol if you want to adventure out there’s no harm. Woman will see a glow upon you and reach out.
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    Keep it up
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    See, I had no reason to believe that you were Brad Pitt, but this suspiciously placed sentence is now making me think that you are Brad Pitt.
  20. thanks bro
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