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    Hey guys, I thought it would be to check in with a 30-day report. I've been on NoFap since 2014 but never really had long streaks of no PMO. The most I had was at the beginning of 2015 where I went for about three weeks before relapsing. From that time until now, I've had periods of at least one week without masturbating or watching porn or going to massage parlors/masseuses before relapsing again. But after getting rejected by a girl a couple months ago which I knew was due to all the symptoms of fapping/watching porn/going to parlors, I focused towards 30 days.

    Here's how I did it for a month so far:

    * I attended Sexaholics Anonymous on a weekly basis. It helped me to discuss my struggles with PMO with other people who share the same struggle in person. Thanks to that program, I knew who to call when I was struggling, asides from just struggling myself.

    * I got myself multiple Accountability Buddies from NoFap. Asides from Sexaholics Anonymous, I got help from the community here. It sounds insane, but knowing that you're not alone in the struggle and talking to someone you've never met both in the forums and on WhatsApp really helps. When I have an urge, I asked my buddies to help me overcome them. When they have the urge, I give my own personal take on the situation and hope for the best for them.

    * Began to spend a LOT of time in prayer. Prayer acts as a meditation and reflection of my daily life. I didn't turn myself into a monk in any way, but I put forth the effort to pray daily and if possible, go to Church.

    I admit that it's not easy because I've had days where I felt like complete trash, along with days where there were extremely strong urges like today. But here are the results of what I've noticed so far.

    * It's easy for me to wake up not feeling like trash.

    * My skin tone has been much more clear and my face appears younger.

    * Morning Wood restored.

    * When I do have an erection, it's stronger and more sensitive. No longer need porn to simulate.

    * I have a strong sense of clarity.

    * Having not fapped, I have a stronger sense of energy.

    * I find myself more open to meeting new people and new people are receptive.

    * Girls both attractive and not attractive have taken the initiative to talk to me.

    * My confidence has increased.

    * Have a stronger sense of focus on good days without strong urges.

    Brothers out there, keep up the good fight! Pray for me and I'll pray for you too!
  2. Great progress mate. Kudos to you for all the efforts you took to slay the PMO demon.
    The first 30 days are of course a bit tougher but worth all the efforts. Life should get a lot more beautiful and better now. Persist and see yourself improving at physical, mental and spiritual levels.
    Hope you go a long way and get all you aspire for. I would pray for you. All the best!
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  3. Just remember brother, nofap isn't the end all.It's just a habit out of many. One thing I'm learning, is stop obsessing over women.The more you obsess the more it'll own you. Just focus on making money, and goals and it'll happen. There's a reason why women can dictate situations. They have good self-control,men don't. So just relax.. Goodluck brother.
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    Great post man, thanks...I'm gonna follow your lead and get a few accountability partners.....great idea!
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    that is too true thats why every woman "plays hard to get" or "shit tests you" but they are also stupid and fall for the confidence of a douche lol
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    You're great, my brother.
    Today is my 25 day. I am experiencing severe withdrawal reactions, insomnia and anxiety.
    Bless you and bless myself

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