(32) Male AP of roughly same age, christian bg preferred

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by definitelySerious, Oct 23, 2017.

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    Hey people of NoFap,

    I'm looking for an ap or two to walk on this journey with - I've tried rebooting before and used to keep a journal on noFap, and thus familiar with the reality of it all.

    Goal: Sustainable long term reboot (not hardmode) w/o undue pressure on myself

    Preferred method and frequency of contact: DM on NoFap, few times a week - open to other forms of communication

    Briefly about me to give context for potential ap:
    • Run a couple of businesses -> I run under high external stress managing people and workload, therefore would be great if ap has had similar experience

    • I'm saturated in digital with my work - impossible to do things like completely shut off sources of the PMO fix (believe me I've tried), so I really believe the work needed is much deeper in my heart and belief system. The brain, it does confuse me no end with it's justifications.

    • Married to top woman who has walked on journey with me for years, but tired of the effect of misguided sexuality - would be good if ap has marriage

    • I've done a tonne of thinking, plans, resolves, research in PMO to understand and move beyond it, but at this point haven't truly broken free. I know well enough that the behaviour I revert to is a symptom of the way I think of myself (self-esteem, self judgement) and not the problem itself

    • To be honest, I'm pretty broken by the whole thing - I'm well aware my sheer resolve and determination isn't able to save me (nor is suppressing sexual desire etc), rather the truth of who I am (in God) and believing there is always a choice - but goodness me the last while has been shit. Sometimes the more you focus on seriously changing your life, the harder you fall......I'm not setting unrealistic goals anymore, but it would be great to share the walk with some knowledgeable people and perhaps this will help put some distance between myself and PMO

    • I often get confused about what I 'need to do' and what God does (in the whole process of giving up certain behaviour), and can get royally tripped up with this - so if you've experience in that particular nuance, love to hear from you!

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    Hi Serious. I have just started looking for AP myself. I read your post and can relate. I am fairly new on this journey but maybe we can help each other find another person with more time.

    One question, what is bg in your topic title mean?

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