33 Days. First amazing rewards!!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by DerNeuMann, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. DerNeuMann

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    Yes! 33 days.
    Here's what I've noticed. These are consistent with other fapstronauts:
    1. Brighter eyes. Just in the last few days.
    2. Skin tone much improved, again, just last few days.
    3. Fog cleared at about 20 days.
    4. A couple of short flatlines. One with some night anxiety and panic attacks resulting from stuff that my former fappy self had procrastinated on before nofap. My former fappy self had avoided doing things he didn't want to do by using PM to feel better. Started taking 2 melatonin half hour before bed. Much better sleep and feel more like tackling jobs now, even unpleasant ones.
    5. No insane energy but definitely more energy and definitely starting to handle stress better, mainly because I'm taking care of business instead of freeing Willy.
    6. Women are definitely starting to notice me. I'm so unused to it that I actually have to consciously tell myself not to be paranoid. They're not chasing me (good because I'm happily married) but they're not avoiding me. Starting about a week ago they've started smiling. I am so not used to that. Naturally, I wondered if they were being sarcastic and really making fun of me. But then I started thinking, hey, what if they're just not creeped out now? It's hard to get used to and a struggle to not get automatically defensive. Many of you will know just what I mean. This is real. I was extraordinarily skeptical of the reports from others but now I know what it's like. To top it off, men aren't looking at me like I'm less than a man but like they take me seriously. Imagination? Placebo effect? What difference does it make? It's a whole new thing for me.
    7. Starting to feel my old ambition from 30 years ago re-sparking. Getting excited about future projects.
    8. In the last week I've started to not give a fuck about what others think. I have no idea why I ever did before.
    9. Cravings yes but when they happen I think, "Dude, you don't want to go back. You don't want to relapse for the millionth time. Be a man and stop being a 14 year old.
    10. Like some other guys here, I am definitely seeing a sudden emergence of new hair popping up on my chest and legs. This is not my imagination as I am over 40 and was the only male in my family with a bare chest. I had also lost most of my leg hair and the legs are already starting to fill in again, nice bonus. If that's placebo, I want me some more placebo.
    11. Not so happily, I can now see it on guys' faces when they have a PM problem. Hard to put into words but it's a kind of dull, soiled sort of look with creepy eyes. I shudder to think I probably looked like that to others. I never want that again. I also am more noticing when guys have bright eyes and glowing appearance. Yeah, that's way better. Thank God I found out about the nofap community. It's already changing my life.

    To those struggling. Get through the next hour. Get through today. Don't take any chances with triggers. You will regret it. If you fail, don't stop trying. Ever.

    UPDATE May 2019

    Okay, if anybody stumbles on this thread I wanted to give an update. I want you to know that all the benefits became just a normal part of my life. On the day I write this, I am 1.5 years into my nofap streak. I haven't counted days in a long time because the new me isn't really keeping track of the old me anymore. I just want guys to know that it can be done if you set your mind to it and don't give up when you fail. I relapsed more times than most of you but there came a day when I said "No more!"That was the first day of mynew life. You can do this!
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  2. rubedo

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    that's awesome!!! I'm feeling hyper motivated too. been taking melatonin since friday, that's a great advice
  3. CS1

    CS1 Fapstronaut

    Great fighter,
    What about life with your wife after you passed 33 days? And how many year you had the addiction?
  4. theoptimist

    theoptimist Fapstronaut

    Thanks and congratulations for the 33 days :)
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  5. DerNeuMann

    DerNeuMann Fapstronaut

    Life with wife. Well, I have a very caring wife. She is a saint. I've been a little moody like others who are in the reboot process but I think she senses positive change. We have a good intimate life, no complaints. It's been a little sparse in the last month due to her having a cold, busy schedules, etc., but that is probably helping avoid chaser effect cravings. That said, unlike the monk mode guys, I do get some release so I've found that helpful.

    How long? The real P addiction started with high speed internet, though I unfortunately had access to P as a teen, which didn't help. My M addiction started immediately at 13, just as soon as I discovered it. Many short streaks over the years that started getting longer and longer. This time, however, I found out about the nofap community. It has changed the equation, especially the research available at yourbrainonporn. In for the long haul. So great to not be alone. Gamechanger. Even IF I relapse, which I think I will not do this time, there's no going back to the old me. The idea of returning to that person sickens me. Ready for a new life.

    Thanks for the encouragement.
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  6. LordReshi7121999

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    Congratulations sir!! Happy for you :)
    Yeah I can definitely understand what you said when you noticed other fappers on the street. Its just so evident and you realise it when you're on a good healthy streak too. Just makes me sad knowing that I look like that sometimes too.
  7. DerNeuMann

    DerNeuMann Fapstronaut

    Well said. I had a three week streak when I was 18. You have no idea how I wish I had kept that going. I hope one day you can say how glad you are that you gave it up at a young age. Don't let relapses stop you from winning in this. You are greater than PM!

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  8. nikh

    nikh Fapstronaut

    Thank you for sharing this was a very encouraging read.
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  9. Darke2009

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    Well done! Im on 31 days a d I have to say I have never felt better! Heres to the next 30 and beyond :D
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  10. Well done! Like you honestly feel like a new person, going through this!!!
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  11. John99099

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    This is amazing! Very very inspirational!
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  12. ViLimoN

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    Cool keep it going :)
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  13. BestICanBe

    BestICanBe Fapstronaut

    Good job! Its always good to read posts like this to remind myself to stay strong and that there are real benefits from taking on this challenge.
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  14. SkyFallBack

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    I like the hair growing back story. You are definitely reliving your teenage year now!
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  15. Franz Ludwig

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    Thank you, this is really motivating me :)
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  16. DerNeuMann

    DerNeuMann Fapstronaut

    Wau! Danke! Heute bin Ich 36 Tage. Ich hoffe du bist erfolgreich.
  17. Immature

    Immature Fapstronaut

    Fascinating about the body hair and recognizing other fappers. Thanks for this post.
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  18. DerNeuMann

    DerNeuMann Fapstronaut

    As a qualifier on the body hair thing: It is really happening to me and there are a few other fapstronauts who report the same. It won't happen for everyone. I think it is happening to me, based on some things I've read, because:
    1) I probably have the genetic makeup for it to happen. I'm literally the ONLY adult male on both my mom's and dad's sides of the family without a hairy chest (how embarrassing). For some reason, I'm the exception and I probably should have had one. If someone comes from a family of bare-chested men, it's not likely nofap will make a difference in terms of chest hair. I come from two lines of hairy chested men and so MAAYBEE heavy chronic fapping had a role in my bare chest which is now growing hair. My reboot seems to indicate that is a real possibility.

    Therefore, it's at least reasonable to guess that:
    2) Heavy M starting at age 13 (five or six times a day for the first three years and an average of 2 times per day ( sometimes more or fewer) for decades after that -- MIGHT have led to suppressing the second half of puberty where most guys start fapping less and when they gain many of their manly characteristics including increased body hair, greater sense of personal responsibility, muscles filling out a little bit, more masculine appearance, more masculine mannerisms and gestures, etc.

    Some guys on this site have used the term "second puberty" to describe their reboot process. I think maybe it's closer to your body being able to resume and complete at least some of the puberty process that habitual fapping delayed by chronic and long term testosterone suppression (and other androgen). So for those of us who had that happen, maybe rebooting allows us to get whatever pre-programmed genetic features (like chest hair) that we would have gotten by age 18 or 19 if we hadn't been fapping so heavily. I don't think any scientists have had a reason to research this so I only have similar experiences of guys in this community to go on.
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  19. Uncomfortably Numb

    Uncomfortably Numb Fapstronaut

    I am scrolling through Success posts from those who are at a similar stage to me... just to add my congratulations and support
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  20. Freeman82

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    I love number 8. So true!!!

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