33 yrs old and forever single

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  1. onza010

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    Hi All,
    33 yr old guy from Scotland battling porn addiction. It has caused me so many problems with women. Mostly PIED which has ruined my sex life for a long time.
    The last time I had sex was about 4 years ago!!!!
    I am single so I guess doing no pmo on hard mode. I really would love to have a girlfriend and I hope doing this combined with building my upper body will help. I am also doing a ton of personal development work as I am a classic ‘nice guy’. Guess what, nice guys often have problems with porn.
    Currently on day 3. I have in the past only ever managed a week or so but determined to sort this out once and for all.
    Happy if anyone wants to get in touch to be an accountability partner.
    All the best for everyone here making improvements in their lives.
    Let’s be the best men we can be!!!!
  2. Hi and welcome, focusing on upper body will surely help. And to be here in this forum can help to stay focused, get out and about, get back in the driver's seat and be in charge. You are absolutely right: Let's be the best men we can be. Nicely put. Stay strong, safe and well and we'll thrive.
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  3. onza010

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    Thankyou- I absoultely must get this fixed and I must change for the better.
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  4. You will. Just don't give up. Recovery is not a linear process. Helpful is to know why you are doing it for. Get a clear vision of the future you. Stay focused on where you want to go.
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    Hi, welcome. You're in the right place..
    I have a question: does anyone knows about your addiction? My greatest advices is: confession..
    Talk about your addiction with a good friend or family member. You need to say it loud, speak out, hear yourself saying: I'm an addict and then keep that person as an AP (accountability partner) and then look for therapy.
    Even if you live alone and "think" you dont need to share it, you cant do this without help.. I tried for more than 10 years to fight this battle by my own and always failed ultil I confessed and look for help..
    The best of the lucks.
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  6. onza010

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    I have an accountability partner on here and it’s going well. I am deliberating telling my brother. My mother wouldn’t understand. Thanks for the help anyway.
  7. SocratesTheKing

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    I’m checking out post in the midst of workout sets right now. Take it from someone else who waited until latter in life to improve themselves. It’s never to late become who you want to be. You can do this man.

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