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    Let me tell you it has not been glorious. I have heard all those stories of people hooking up with girlfriends and having sex and stuff like that and that is just NOT the case with me.
    Mine has been more of a spiritual journey. It is significant because I have been using porn basically all of my pubescent life. I've known nothing else. The thing is that now I have included semen retention, and I have been at that for about 2 months. I originally signed on for just stopping porn.
    The benefits of this have been subtle. Just knowing in my subconscious that I am doing this is a very big thing. It does give me more confidence.
    I am "mentally ill" in the eyes of society with a bi-polar schizo-effective diagnosis. I'm just sayin'. This boost in testosterone is probably essential for me.
    Like I am saying this has not been all sunshine and rainbows. I'm not doing a good enough job of replacing the addiction with other things. Although I recently quit smoking after a year and that is good too.
    I have been really struggling with what the Bible says about women. I was wondering if it was even ok for me to talk to women since I am a Christian. But now I see that it is OK if I am burning with passion according to Corrintheans.
    I am going to continue with this. I want to never use porn again. I edge a little bit with clothed pictures of women but I see that as harmless.
    Anyway, if you're reading this and thinking about doing it than do it. It's the right thing to do. Porn is messing up our society and literally taking our balls away.

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