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  1. Its the second time that I am trying nofap. Never felt Ill actually make it to day 34. Really hoping this cures my ED. But yes... nofap is totally worth it.

    The positives:
    1) 100 ideas : I have many ideas and I am more creative. I am going to start a blog and I also took up dancing. I now also actively approach girls and I am trying to flirt. Had I been wanking off to porn, I would have never been doing all this.

    2) Very good morning erections : My morning erections are amazing. I have pied so its nice to see my dick is behaving itseld atleast in the morning after all these years of my abuse.

    3) More energy and a better person - I am more energetic, happier and have no guilt. I used to be petrified if a girl took my phone, worrying she may find porn on it. That no longer scares me. :)

    4) Trying to deal with rejection - All these years of being a beta led to me being so scared of asking out women that I started watching porn. It landed me with a limp dick. Now I am actively trying to seek rejection. I go out and ask for favors. Most of the time, people say no. It pinched the first couple of times. ALOT. The third time it hurt a little. The 4th time it didnt really hurt that much. I am hoping that it continues to make me stronger. The point is to desensitise myself to rejection; so that if I ask a girl out and she says no, ill just respect her decision rather than taking it personally. I believe if it happens, it will be very empowering.

    The negatives:

    PIED : Its just been like a month so I dont know if my dick will work or not if i am with a girl. It may take some more months but Im hoping it will be the worth the wait.

    The loneliness kills me : I dont have a girlfriend so I am quite lonely. I am charming but because of my job, I have a fuckall social life. I do not drink so I wont know what to do in a bar. But perhaps I should go to a bar just to socialize. I dont really know yet.

    Im not horny but im restless - I am not particularly horny. However, I do feel quite restless. Oddly I have no interest in watching porn. I dont know if thats the flatline. However, I long female companionship and touching. Sometimes feel an escort will help. But then my new found sanity tells me that thats another short term fix. It wont really help me. I probably need to get out and meet women.

    Overall, after being imprisoned in this porn world for years, I feel better, more in control of my own life and determined to take steps to make my own life more meaningful. I am grateful to this community for its support. Please pray for me. I am getting stronger. But I want to go from strong to elemental.

    Hanu :)
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    Well done! Keep it up
    We can do this!
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    First off, it is great that you have accomplished 34 Days of Success !!!!!

    You don't have to go to bars to socialize. Go to places that you want to go to. Places that go along with your interests … personality, etc. Maybe have lunch/dinner at a park … coffee house … or go to a mall -- lots of women there.

    You seem to be very smart -- seem to have discerned that "an escort" would only be a very short term "fix" -- and you might get a lifelong STD …. or possibly be setup/robbed by her boyfriend (with a knife or gun). (Escorts... prostitutes … strippers are actively, consistently immoral -- so why not add some criminal acts to their bad lifestyle?)

    You seem to be smart -- respecting others choices -- giving them the Freedom to say yes or no.

    So no problem. As you go through your normal daily life, you will have Many Opportunities to talk with any women you're interested in. Possibly have 'mini dates' [5 min date] … get phone numbers Or email address.... You will have to discern if she wants to hang out with you Immediately..... or if she is more cautious and wants to get to know you slowly.

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!! :)
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    Restlessness I would say should be filled with some productive actions. I know when I get restless its usually a sign for me to go ahead and do something with my life. Maybe that's just me but maybe you should try something new or learn something new.
  6. Thankyou for your kind words. I really sppeciate it.
    I am still figure out how to meet women. The real reason i wanna go to a bar is because I feel casual conversation is very normal there. Im in india where you cant go to a mall, tell the girl she is cute, ask for her number and then go on a date. Most girls tend to be shy and awkward with strangers.
    A bar is a place where I think i can practice flirting. I dont know how to flirt. And even though ive tried to study flirting, Id rather not try stuff like this at work. Especially if i make a fool out myself. Indian girls are conservative so the one needs to strike a balance of good conversation and secual innuendos. At a bar, most people are high and flirting is bery normal. Amazingly I have no plans to drink there.

    As far as places are concerned, i have already joined a dance class as I wanted to learn dancing. There are some pretty women. But they have a boyfriend or are engaged *facepalm*

    Anyway an escort is out..as you mentioned most of them may be carrying a disease; not to mention may of them might be doing thia job against their will.

    I hope time will figure is out. Thankyou!
  7. Mahmojo8

    Thanks for your words. I am active with many ideas in my head and ive started martial arts training aling with dancing. Its especially important considering an emty mind is the wankers worshop.

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