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  1. Going strong brother, keep going, the Lord is your strength.
  2. You are definitely right about that. I live alone and the temptation on weekends is huge, especially if I am overwhelmed by stress. I have scripts that I have written out to read to help prevent a relapse, I need to read those more often. I know some of you guys say planning activities and being around people are helpful but too much of that can backfire for me because I have social anxiety issues. The good news for me at the moment is that I have "hit bottom" so much recently, that's usually a sign that I'm ready for a long nofap streak.
  3. time2chage

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    Making promises to myself and breaking them time and time again. Wanted to stop this vicious circle
  4. bold0101

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    Checking in. Rough week, was down with some bug. Went away mostly, then came back worse than before.
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  5. Despicable me

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    Checking in day 23. Had some urges last night.
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  6. emanuel_free

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    checking in... still on the go still with hope !
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  7. bigbnoo

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    Good morning guys, and girls.

    Just needed to check in. Had some bad insomnia issues last night. Often a trigger in itself.

    Praying to god that today will be nice.
  8. emanuel_free

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    Pray to the Lord is the best thing you can do ;) i'll pray for you !

    Have a blessed day!
  9. Timber

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    Oh I don’t know! I am no Iain Mcgilchrist and even he took 30 years to write his book. :)

    Oh man, I don’t know what would even motivate a single guy to do this? The fact that you are here, persisting, is evidence that you want to better yourself. But it is so easy to doubt the usefulness of nofap when you are alone! How do you feel when you are on a long nofap streak? What drives you?
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  10. persona2903

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    Hi @enviro61 and welcome! I believe that this forum will be very usefull for you.
    One of the things that helps is to read the evolution of the different participants, you will identify a lot. In the middle of the stories there are very interesting tips that help us in this common struggle in which we are.
    See you!
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    Day 142. Nice and intense weekend. Starting the week quite good, organizing & priorizing the tasks.
    I really like the benefits of NoFAP and I want to stand firm on this path! When we are well, the whole family benefits.
    On the other side, I want sexual pleasure. We must try to direct this passion and use only the "normal and legitimate" ways to satisfy it...
    "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind..." Jeremiah 17:9-10
    God's guidance and help is fundamental to me.
    Let's start the day! See you all, thanks for reading!
  12. Rebooter13

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    Hello guys , i have finally managed to finish the affirmations audio files i've been working on.

    I made a lot of changes since the last time i posted about this and now i think it's good enough to share it with you.
    Here is the link on Wetransfer , https://wetransfer.com/downloads/1b5d3f4ae0f3c43de48e98779d6d723320190930125729/2be91f and it will be active for the next 7 days.

    Once again the file, in general, contains affirmations, suggestions and subliminals about hapiness, well being , alpha male , better sexual life etc.
    You can listen it while you are in a meditating state , before or while sleep or just during the day.Please don't listen to that while doing heavy activities or driving because it could be very destructing.The duration is 76 minutes and the file size is 768 Mb.None of these affirmations are recorded by me , it's just a combilation from other files i enjoy listening for personal use.Stereo headphones or a good soundsystem will bring better results on audio quality.

    It's the first time for me creating an affirmations audio file and i did it according to me standards so it may not apply to all people.If anyone of you is going to listen to this file please let me know.I am open to discuss any suggestions and advices from you guys.

    Affirmations alone can't perform miracles , you have to move your ass as well but they can give you a general direction and boost you achieve what you want in life.

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  13. GottaBFree

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    @Rebooter13 I am running around. I downloaded it and need to figure out how to get it to play later. I’m looking forward to trying it.
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  14. Rebooter13

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    @GottaBFree I hope you like it! It's a wav file so any media player like windows default or winamp should play it without any problems.
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  15. EcoMunchies

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    Quick check in. Finding the work trips away the challenge again. Too much time alone in hotel rooms. Defence mechanisms are armed. Remember to question what my brain wants me to do... think long term goal!!!!
  16. enviro61

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    Going well so far. Some dodgy dreams and wandering eyes in the real world but temptation is mild this day.
  17. Thanks for sharing this with us. I just downloaded it but haven't tried to play it yet. I noticed that the file format says rar instead of wav, so I think that's what GottaBFree means about playing it. It appears that I will need to install an app of some kind in order to open it. I'll figure it out. :cool:
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  18. It appears that maybe I have demotivated you guys with my recent relapses, so I am going to take that as my wake up call and really put some effort into this thing. I have a goal of 60 days which I have been trying to reach for over a year, now is the time for me to really make it happen. In my streaks of the past it has been helpful to think of M as an addiction to brain chemicals and not a biological necessity. If I can keep that in mind, it seems to help me get through the urges that seem irresistible. Urges will always eventually pass, no matter how unpleasant, and not giving in is how we train our brains for a new lifestyle. Just wanted to throw that out there.
  19. I do this because the porn addiction wrecked my life and my self-confidence. I felt I was at a dead end and would never escape. This site and group has given me a light at the end of the tunnel, something to strive for and hope for a better life. Streaks allow me to regain some confidence and feel like a "normal" person again, the way I felt sometimes as a kid because there was no internet and life was much simpler. Nofap is the hardest thing I've ever tried to accomplish, but it's worth the effort, in my opinion.
  20. AEC Josh2415

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    Just checking in. All is well.

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