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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Day 1. Infinitely better than 0 I guess lol.
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    "I have read the rules and would like to join this group"
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    Hi. I'm still interested in being part of the group. I'm still on the waiting list?
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    Hi, new to the site, i Wanna Join this group please
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    Looking back I find this post the day I reset my clock ... God doesn't waste His time to speak to you when you need it most.

    Though I keep falling, and failing, my feelings hasn't changed 6 months after this post. I still "want to change and fight this for God's grace and Love I will."

    Keep the good fight don't give up!
  7. Wolf2019

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    @bold0101 you are at #9 and I am at #10. You are being chased by the wolf, don't slow down! We're going straight to the top!
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    Thursday checkin. Have to say I'm finding it difficult to find the motivation or will power at the moment. It doesn't take much for me to PM. I get miserable when I think about how long I've trying to give up now and how easy it is for me to relapse each time. I'm bad at organisation anyway and to set up physical actions when I'm pulled back to PM is really hard. Anyway, hey ho, on we go.
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  9. GottaBFree

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    Doesn’t make us bad. No worries on the motivation. 1/2 day at a time.

    PM sucks. We don’t do that anymore because it is dumb and leads to a less rich life.
  10. Day 20. Milestone 2 achieved.

    Has mostly been a smooth sailing glide only because Jesus has been with me every step of the way. Have not watched TV the past 3 weeks which has been a big help and have turned up the intensity of my prayer life. The enemy has tried to attack my dreams this week, however I am waking up and being thankful and calling upon the name of the Lord to carry me through each day.

    Looking ahead to day 30 just up ahead...4th November.

    Hope you are all remaining strong,

  11. persona2903

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    Day 167. Pre-weekend. Desire level of P changing and oscillating between 2 and 10.
    So far it seems to be a standard day... These are the days when I have to be more attentive and not let my guard down. Meeting and interacting with people, organizing the tasks of the day and praying to find God's help will be the strategy of the day!
    Have a good weekend!
  12. Wolf2019

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    I have greatly benefited from the ideas of James Clear. He has a web site, book, and free e-news letter with practical ideas about building new habits with small steps. Several areas of my life have started to improve with his ideas. jamesclear.com
  13. Timber

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    @persona2903 yup, the desire for P and M moving between 2 and 10 all the time is pretty accurate for me too!

    Hey, today is the longest I have gone without PMO. My first streak started in early March and I PMOed once in June. It was profoundly unsatisfying and I immediately jumped back onto the wagon. It’s an interesting milestone to reflect on.

    It occurred to me that most people are here because something that comforts them on a superficial level also degrades them. Our minds are so polluted that it took us decades to figure that out.
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  14. Nice job man. You're really killing it. We all know how hard this is but I am at the point (and I bet you probably are to) where I realize that eventually it won't be that big of a deal. There will always be the risk of a weak moment and relapse but our overall habits will change and our brains will "forget" to PMO. Who knows how long it will take to get to that point though. You'll probably just realize some day that you haven't thought about it in awhile and just say "how about that" and move on with life.

    Comfort and pleasure are funny things. We could make a list of comfortable and pleasurable things that, overall, do us harm and make our lives less fulfilling. We seek out comfort and pleasure but those aren't necessarily the things that lead to happiness. I liked your earlier post that asked the question, "why do I need pleasure?" It's a great question to ask. We aren't entitled to it and it won't lead us to where we want to go.
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  15. Timber

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    Thanks! You are killing it too! I think without introspection and re-orientation we will return to pmo. I do hope that one day this agony of denying myself PMO will be a thing of the past.
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  16. persona2903

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    Yes @Timber , it took me decades to really understand this thing! Having real awareness of what was happening to me was an important part of the change that is taking place every day in my mind.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Very usefull
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  17. It will be a thing of the past. It isn't like thirst or hunger. PMO is not needed, so eventually the brain will change its habits. Life will very much be about other things. It's unfortunate that we've put ourselves into a position of looking up a mountain - but it's a climbable one. We all need to keep going!!
  18. Well said. You're getting awfully close to 6 months. Nicely done
  19. SarahStrong

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    Good evening everyone!!! Checking in this evening!
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  20. Yes, you're still on the waiting list. I think maybe in a month or so we'll have an opening for you.
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