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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Check it n Thursday. Stay busy people!
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  2. Hi Freebird. No, you are not officially a member anymore but I can put you on the waiting list if you would like back in (eventually... it's a LONG waiting list).
  3. Not that I know of.
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    Thanks for your encouragement brother @jcforreal ! I give thanks to God: "it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose" Philippians 2:13
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    Six months!! Six months made of 180 days ... of 24 hours each.
    One proverb say: "A discerning person keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth" (Proverbs 17:24). Living day by day, without too ambitious goals ("fool's eyes wander..."), it's how it works for me.
    Being aware of my weakness keeps me humble, and having achieved this goal strengthens my confidence in God and also a little my self-esteem!
    Again I want to thank each of NoFap's friends for their help, encouragement and understanding ... I wish you the best of the best!
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    Sorry @EcoMunchies , I know the situation and feeling very well ... We should take it only as a stumble in our task of walking again without PM.
    One of the things that help me when the pressure is high is to enter NoFap, read some posts, answer others and make a description of my thoughts and feelings in my journal.
    I encourage you and go ahead... the journey continues!
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    Checking in, Day 1 again. Sex and chaser.
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    Thanks. Good suggestions, and ones that I would need to be part of my new programming!
    As I have said before, the journey is rewarding enough as it is. The rewards are valuable. I do only see it as a stumble. I’m still standing, and will continue, clearer in the knowledge that I am gaining, and clearer in mind through this process!!
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    Thanks. I'm going to do that then
    Thanks. I"m going to try that. I just can't seem to kick this habit and it's literally killing my soul and wasting my life away. This time around i may try and have a more realistic goal. Some people here have some incredibly long streaks and that doesn't seem realistic for me. Another big part is all the dating apps and periodic hookups. Such a waste of precious time. For now, my goal is to last 24 hours which will be until about 11 tonight. After that would be good to have a goal of 2 or less PMO a week. This everyday stuff is bad.

    What's the other stuff that some of you guys check out? Reboot Nation or something? I also started a book by Allen Carr for quitting smoking to try and apply to PMO.
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  11. Congratulations! That's really great!
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  12. A big part of the addictive cycle is the shame part. You're a good and courageous man. Try to skip the shame part entirely. Just get up, dust yourself off, and get back on the wagon.
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    @persona2903 well done! I can really relate to your points. Also, I must admit this experience is teaching me a lot about Grace, which I understand as the experience of being carried forward on something other than my ability and strength, but which is also somehow me. I think Grace is often cheapened to mean that God will change us without our participation. That’s a lie. The effort of Will is what is required of us. The strength comes from elsewhere, when I have none, and yet it is mine. Needless to say, I feel it without being able to articulate it.

    With that in mind, he weekend is upon us. The weekend is, as persona2903 would put it, is an external element (sorry for putting words in your mouth). It does not change who we are. You do not have to give in on the weekend. Let the temptations pass you by. Do not let them take over. Fapping takes an effort. Don’t take that step!

    Good luck!
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    Friday check in my friends. Solid this weekend. I will get through til Monday!
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  15. I was driving down the road and saw a sign on the side of a building that read, "Never, Never, Never Give Up" The good life that we all are striving for is hard work. We have to be disciplined, vigilant, and very patient. Take care of the present moment. That is what creates our past and our future. Keep Going!
  16. Encouraging effort brother, I want my 6 months really bad!
  17. Day 1.

    I fell last night. Thank you Lord for your unending Grace and Mercy on my wicked heart.
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    Saturday and I'm in the house by myself. Today I feel full of energy and all the jobs I need to do are flowing nicely. Of course the bad thoughts have entered into my head many times this morning but sitting here typing out my thoughts is helping me stay focussed on getting through the weekend without PM. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone in the group who contributes with such positive energy and vibes. We can get through this together!!!!! Peace.

    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

    An act of stupidity... just acted out of boredom/loneliness which demonstrates my feeble will! Need Lord's intervention to change my thought process. I need to make myself realize why I am doing this. Semen retention can alter a person's life. Lost my three days streak.
  20. @persona2903 !! Congratulations on your impressive 6 month streak! You have been awarded the prestigious and rare 6 Month Medal of Honor! Thank you for showing us that it is possible to live without P and M. :emoji_lifter::emoji_medal::cool:

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