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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Monday check in. Last night was sh*t. Start again.
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    I've read the rules and I would like to join. Can I jump in?
  4. Thanks my brother, really means alot. In Christ we have the victory always.
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    Thanks man! Well don't want to step on Artifact's toes, but I'm sure he would say it's fine to post and contribute here as before. There's a long waiting list to get back onto the leader board though, I'm afraid.
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  6. Hello RightEffort! Long time no see. The group is full, of course, but I can put you on the waiting list.
  7. I hope you will all donate a little to help the site founder defend the site against attacks by the porn industry.
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  8. The group is full. (20 is the max allowed in an accountability group.) I could put you on our waiting list or you could start your own group. The current wait to join the member ranking is several months.
  9. Buen trabajo!
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  10. Yep, that sums it up pretty well.
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  11. To all of you on the waiting list (there are currently 14 people): if one of you has the time and dedication, I don't mind if you use the format of this group to start your own group. Otherwise, it could be up to several months before we have an opening for you in our member ranking. I'm not trying to drive anybody away, but we get membership requests on an almost daily basis, so anyone who starts a new group will have no problem finding members. You are also welcome to hang around on this thread and post here if you like. It's been nice seeing some of the old "faces" again lately. :cool:
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    Hi friends I just turned 34 ... I would like to join you .. I am on day 2 .. My counter is on. I am here for 90 day streak. Hoping for support
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    I updated my counter on Saturday but I guess it didn't register. On Day 3 today, not 10. Exhausted on Saturday and gave in. Should have just taken a nap or gone for a walk. Going through the Reforged Man course and doing a lesson every morning. Today's about Real Status vs. Junk Status really hit home.
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    @artefact your example inspire us... maybe is time to return the good you have done to us by opening another group! Thinking about it
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    Tuesday check in. Tired today with flashbacks to the weekend relapse.
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  17. I made my first 30 days! Do I miss the pleasure and escapism? Sure! But the rewards have been definitely worth it. I feel less isolated...more a part of the human adventure, more connected to others, and less to my shame. Heading for 60 days.
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    Day 4. I told myself the other day I’m never giving in again. Bad self laughed.

    I’ve been plagued by self doubt that I’ll be ever beat this... but if I’m being honest with myself there is great value in trying to be better even when I keep failing. I’m going to try to make day 5 and worry about more days later.
  19. Day 5.

    This is it, ready to kick this thing for good. Not brining PMO into 2020, the preparation days for the new year are running thin.

    December 31st, 2019 will put me at 53 days, this is my new goal to walk into the new year with at 54 days on January 1.

    “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman." JOB 31:1.

    Lord I know that I can do this, it is your will for my life. You conquered satan and your flesh in your most weakest physical state. I love you Lord and want to please you and live in righteousness for You, always.
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    Checking in !

    That's a great goal. I've thinking on not bringing PMO into 2020 too!! :)
    God bless you guys!

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