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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. persona2903

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    Congratulations @myprocess1951 ! A very valuable achievement, strengthens and dignifies you as a person!
    Let's move forward on this road to recover control of our behaviors ... we can do it!
  2. persona2903

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  3. persona2903

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    Awesome achievement! You are a very good inspiration to us, thanks for sharing your achievements!
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  4. Wolf2019

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    Checking in. A lot of turmoil at home with the wife and kids has created an extra-challenging environment and I haven't been doing well on the PMO front, but I get up every day and try again, so that's something.
  5. discovery

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    That is awesome @persona2903! I know that you will be an amazing leader!
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  6. persona2903

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    Thank you for your encouragement, @discovery !
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  7. FreebirdFH

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    That's awesome. Motivating me a bit.
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  8. FreebirdFH

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    Not doing well at all but maybe will pretend I'm doing well....? not sure. Going for 24 hours now but will start with 12 which would be 1130 this eve.
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  9. Timber

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    Great news! The first huge (literally) hurdle - the blue balls - is hopefully behind you! How’s your mood?

    You have been a well of wisdom here! I am glad to see you are taking it to the new level. You are giving back! That’s awesome!

    That being said, I was really hoping to get that first spot in this group... :)

    Breathe! Feel the frustration. Hold it in your gaze and let something inside of you rise up to meet it. Don’t escape into PMO. You are not weak!
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  10. I am doing pretty well. The cravings are still strong but I'm getting accustomed to saying "no" to them. I started having erotic dreams this week after mostly not having them for years. That's kind of fine with me as it means my body is resetting.
  11. Thanks @persona2903 !! This will be a big help. It gets frustrating having to tell so many people the group is full. Also, I'm very glad you plan to stay in this group. I have sent you a message with some info about how I keep track of things.

    For all of you on the waiting list, persona2903 has started a new group which has a spot for you if you apply there for membership. Go to this link:

    Current waiting list:
    @Son of Midgaard
    @control your life
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  12. I know you are struggling, maybe more than the rest of us. I have found it helpful to have an "attitude of gratitude." I know that sounds like a dumb cliche, but focusing on things to be grateful for puts you into a mindset of positivity instead of focusing on your problems. Try it, it will give you a better outlook on life. You deserve happiness! Don't ever forget that.

    By the way, go grab yourself a spot in persona2903's new group if you like (or I can put you on the waiting list here, but it will be a while before we have an opening).
  13. Congrats on your great achievement! Very impressive.
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  14. Circleinthesquare

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    Thursday morning check in. weekend looming.....and a free friday night alone. need to plan it so i don't take the wrong path.
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    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

    Checking in... so far so good!
  16. persona2903

    persona2903 Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your support, @artifact !
    You will all be welcome to the new group. You can do both: be on the waiting list in this group and meanwhile be part of the new group!
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  17. That's great news. This group and the work artifact has done have helped me tremendously. It's a fantastic platform so it's no surprise that the waiting list is long.
  18. persona2903

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    I agree!!
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  19. hey Discovery! good to see your still here! Awesome job man.

    Sounds great I'll be around - thankfully I was able to join the other group. I'll try to check things here to as much as possible.
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  20. Artifact has created an accountability franchise lol :p
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