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  1. This is a great red flag bro - for me when I feel this way I know that I should really change something - so I make it a HIGH priority to go to a yoga class, do wim huf breathing, Become more social get oxytocin needs through physical touch , play with animals or sing or something that gets me out of my head and into the joyful delicious present moment
  2. The honor goes to the one who keeps standing to fight regardless of how many times he falls down. You're still in the arena and that's what counts.

    In zen they call this One Continous Effort - they say "however unquenchable desires are, we vow to put an end to them".

    in other words this could be a lifetime of effort but the end goal is 2ndary - the intention and commitment to keep going towards our highest ideal is what counts because there are so many other variables we can not control
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  3. Timber

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    I love wim hof breathing! Definitely a good way to get a healthy “high”
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  4. bold0101

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    Major slip yesterday. Home alone, and gave into both mental and physical urges. I feel like crap about it, but I will pick myself back up. Again. And do this thing.
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  5. FreebirdFH

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    I think I made it to 12 hours. forgot. Last time was this morning and about to go again. funny how something that feels good makes me feel worse too. I can't seem to stop.

    Things will get better once i start a new job next week. Being home makes it harder. Thing is I don't enjoy my time when at home and waste with this pmo stuff.
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  6. Circleinthesquare

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    Wednesday check in. keep positive people!
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  7. EcoMunchies

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    Checking in, still here, still going. Wanting to end the year the NoFap way!
  8. GottaBFree

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    Take a walk, go to movie and flip the script.

    For my check in— I’ve been really grouchy the last couple of days but plugging along.
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  9. What did you learn about yourself from this expereince?

    What changes can you make to make things more smooth? :)
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  10. persona2903

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    Today is all the raw material we need to make our tomorrow. Let's focus on what we can do today!
    Cheer up!
  11. Circleinthesquare

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    Thursday check in. Sitting at computer with slight PM thoughts floating in and out but trying to focus on my work instead.
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  12. GottaBFree

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    Really tired, stressed, and busy, but committed to letting no thought to do bad linger for another day.

    High risk to relapse but I’m trying to build and get one step closer to removing this forever.
  13. Another weekend approaching with lots of things to get done. My plan for avoiding a relapse: if I get triggered while working on the computer, it's time to turn it off and do something productive elsewhere. If I get tempting thoughts that make me want to indulge in P, I will read my recovery scripts and ride out the urges as necessary, keeping in mind that the urges will eventually pass if I don't give in.
  14. Wolf2019

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    Struggling, but still maintaining the habit of visiting NoFap every day.
  15. persona2903

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    Day 195. It seems that it will be a busy day, but I think I can navigate those waters well this time.
    I'm fine but I see that my activities are a bit disorganized, which gives me the feeling that I do a lot and achieve little (dangerous) ... these days I have to stop and organize again.
    Have a good weekend, if possible plan what we are going to do and not do, to minimize the risks of slipping!
    Greetings folks!
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  16. The urges will pass, that is for sure. Remembering this has helped me quite a bit. It has made it less daunting to fight an urge because I know if I do nothing with it, it will go away. Keep practicing that.
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  17. Circleinthesquare

    Circleinthesquare Fapstronaut

    Friday check in. Been out so easy day.
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  18. Day 15.

    Going well, the end of the year is approaching which makes it easier for me as there is excitement in the air of holidays and the chance to start afresh in 2020 with 54 days under my belt. Days served for my King, and pure of sexual defilement.
    God has been good, He's been teaching me about denying myself and the beauty and purity which comes from that, something the enemy makes so hard for us when we are indulged in PMO as we are in his realm of selfishness and self seeking.
    I have to get a Katana everyday to behead my fleshly man in order to serve Jesus and not be selfish or self seeking, prideful, lustful, angry, with a debased mind etc. The majority of my life has been all about me... Me, Myself, and I am the most important one, my pleasure, my feelings, my thoughts and agenda.

    God says, "would you lay your life down for Me son? It's not easy, you'll have to carry my Cross of humility, kindness, long suffering, joy, peace, self control, gentleness and goodness" every day, but if you choose me daily I will make a way for you that is better than you could ever imagine, and you'll be used to help others who need My Salvation and to bring back to my Light those who have gone astray, and I will add everything that is needed and desired in your heart to your life. You will be a blessed man.

    “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me." Matthew 16:24

    The 'me' actually improves when it's serving King Jesus, He makes 'me' better as He created 'me' and knows what's best for 'me'.

    "O LORD, You have searched me and known me. You know when I sit and when I rise;
    You understand my thoughts from afar. You search out my path and my lying down;
    You are aware of all my ways." Psalm 139.

    I thank You Lord Jesus for your continued outpouring of mercy and grace upon my life everyday in so many ways and that 'my' life should always be about You.

    I hope you are all remaining strong.
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  19. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    7 days now PM free and today was good. Got away from that cloudy feeling. I have been in a bit of a funk so it’s nice to get started again.

    My plan to get through the weekend is to stay busy and not stay up late on my own.
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  20. Circleinthesquare

    Circleinthesquare Fapstronaut

    Nail on the head - stay busy and not stay up late on my own! My situation as well!

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