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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

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    I was feeling stressed out by the coronavirus news everywhere and felt some mild temptation to act out with PMO but decided to take a walk in the park and pray instead and felt much better. Been trying to get in a walk every day when the weather's not bad.
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    @Timber I think the best example of this is John 12:25 The Message (MSG):
    24-25 “Listen carefully: Unless a grain of wheat is buried in the ground, dead to the world, it is never any more than a grain of wheat. But if it is buried, it sprouts and reproduces itself many times over. In the same way, anyone who holds on to life just as it is destroys that life. But if you let it go, reckless in your love, you’ll have it forever, real and eternal.

    Let's stop being reckless on our love to God by holding on to a life of PMO. If we let go that life and believe and trust Jesus trust we'll have real life and eternal! Let's Keep walking to that!


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    Checking in gents , kinda busy lately and it took me a while since i last posted here.

    Well the following is not necessary relevant to NoFap but i wish to share those things with you.
    Lately my country is facing a lot of challenges (i am from Greece).You may have noticed from your media the thousands of imigrands, Erntogan(President of Turkey) is trying to push in Europe through Greece.
    The last 10 days my country is just a step away from being in an emergency situation.A lot of our troups (police and army) are gathering to the borders to stop the imigrants from passing them.From the video footages it's clear that they have support from turkish athorities.They are supporting them with tear gas grenades , molotof and tools to brake the fenches.
    Last night and this morning there has been 2 incidents (one of them is yet to be confirmed), when turkish soldiers fired against greeks while they were on duty pushing back the immigrants and this morning a turkish boat roamed a greek boat in the Aegean sea.No dead or injured so far from both sides.It's posible because of my training to be called to serve again if things go bad with the greek-turkish relationship , maybe that's an opportunity for a good NoFap streak...just kidding on that :p
    The situation has been more stressfull while the Covid-19 came to our country 15 days back.So far around 100 people got sick (from 11.500.000 citizens) but fortunately zero deaths so far and my city has zero incidents atm.
    Yesterday and today new measures announced from our government and there is a big posibility for the country to be in full carantine for a couple of weeks or so if things got worst as we try to support the health system.We are actually trying to spread the incidents in bigger period of time so the health system can afford the situation to avoid what happened in Italy.

    In the begining i was like, ok man you have to stay inside for a few days and it's a chance for you to think and be more focused on NoFap but on the other hand... i don't know guys ,there so much free time when you are all day at home doing nothing..
    Anyway , let's see what happens...

    Sorry guys for bothering you with so much out of topic staff but i feel comfortable with many of you here so i though it's ok to share my thoughts.
    The next days i will be more active , i hope you are all good and strong!
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    wednesday check in starting again
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    Good luck all the way around!

    I would not be surprised if Corona impacts us all in the next couple of months.

    I found out yesterday I’m going to be expected to work (healthcare related job) no matter what happens - unless I get sick.

    I don’t want to get locked inside! That’s not going to make no pm work better for me for sure.
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  6. discovery

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    I feel that stressing out about coronavirus is almost like a gateway to becoming one of these people who are afraid to leave the house. There are people who are petrified to leave the house for fear of getting hit by a car, getting shot, struck by lightning, etc. The world is a dangerous place, yes, and we all take risks every time we go outdoors. And if you look at how many household accidents take place every day, well, indoors is dangerous too. There's no escape. Everything is dangerous. So does it make sense to freak out about it all the time? No. We go about our lives anyway because that's what we do. Coronavirus is no different. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I stopped going out to public places for fear of it. It's like post 9-11 when everyone was freaking out about getting an anthrax envelope in the mail. You just can't live like that. And the media has always been, and still is, a fear monger. Getting people scared gets people to tune in. I refuse to live like that.
  7. Wolf2019

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    Though I haven't been able to visit there, I greatly admire the culture and people of both Greece and Turkey. Wishing you health, prosperity, and peaceful co-existence as European brothers.

    I had a reset last night after a record streak of 33 days. That was a GREAT run and I know I can do it again!
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  8. Rebooter13

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    Corona will impact us all in the next months , that's for sure.It will no only challenge our healthcare systems but our global economy.And it will do it very fast and with the hard way , that's for sure.2020 is not gonna be our typical year and usually i am on the optimist side..
    This is going to be a wake up call for everyone.In western world we took for granted many things that we didn't fight for , we just found them ready from the previous generations and we just worked a little on them.Maybe this is the right time for us all to reevaluate many things.When this is going to over there will be a huge change in our society and aside from whatever bad will happen there is a chance for us to form new laws (hopefully towards the right way) and stractures and finally take the posibility that everyhting could end seriously.

    You have to be strong.The way i see it, it's time for every person who works on healthcare system, from research field to political personnel and manufacturing companies to be tested and play their part in history.And i literally mean it like this.You are all going to be in the center of attention for the next months.Stay strong and safe man!

    Locking ourselves inside is not gonna help us with our addiction but we all know that if things go that bad and it has to be done, then we have to do it.Not only for our protection but for our families and the people we care about as well.
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    Thank you Emanuel, i apreciate it! :)

    By the way i like that you are a deeply religious person and you are showing it without shame (in 2020 many people are not publicly claiming their religious views) and with a very positive way.I also like your good streak as well! :)
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    Balkan nations always used to have problems with eachother due to our geographical position (the meeting point of 3 continents).I find it really akward that no one ever tried to really bring together all of us so we can help eachother growth mutually but this is how it is.I believe common people don't hate eachother nations but our goverments acts are feeding that hate.

    I am sure , after 33 days you feal great already , just be causious not to be in a relapse loop now ;)
    It happened to me many times.
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  11. Rebooter13

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    We shouldn't be scared and it's not about that.When there are public health issues and we adviced to stay inside , we have to stay inside.From what i've read this is not going to stop easy unless we reach a 60% of the total population to get infected so a natural shield against the virus is going to be created.
    Our duty with that, is to support the healthcare system so they don't have to face many incidents at the same time but spread them through the time and make them more managable to them.
    It's not only about us , maybe we are healthy as fuck and we are young but the older people and those with chronic problems like cancer or heart diseases are the weak here and those people has to protected from us at least by not spreading the disease.

    It's hard to have to stay inside , i know.For me maybe it's ever harder because before my addiction i was the guy who always was out having fun.
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  12. WilBil99

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    Day 17 in the books. Works kinda sucks at the moment and thought.. hmmmm know what would feel good about now... then remembered work would still suck after after a fap so...were on to day 18.
  13. @emanuel_free ! Congrats on your 30 days. Glad you are back in the group!
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  14. It's like that old song says, "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." Good luck everyone and hopefully we can get through all this corona virus craziness. (Idiots in my city are buying up all the toilet paper.)
  15. Yes, that was a great streak. 33 days was also my last long streak. Let's see if we can top it!
  16. Timber

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    love the fair warning! We need a different font, maybe? :)

    I think anything that makes you feel less ashamed and more positive about life is good!
    For myself, I never, since reaching adulthood, accepted doctrines that resemble “vicarious righteousness” and the idea that the hard work was done for us and we are now receiving a free pass and just have to claim it by repeating the sinners prayer. There was a time in my life when I seriously considered ministry but desired against it partially because of this.

    I think the point of Christian message is personal transformation through sacrifice of self (as opposed to following external rules and social protocols). And if you want to feel loved, remember that the Person who claimed He and God are One showed nothing but love to the most wretched of people and did nothing else but sacrifice His self in every aspect of His life and teachings.

    Again, I am not at all trying to argue. Just sharing my thoughts. I am glad to hear that you are feeling less ashamed. That is huge! the feeling of inferiority will never bring about lasting change!
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  17. Timber

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    My thoughts after a reset.

    I think I did it because a part of me was annoyed with struggle and I wanted to see what happens if I just get it out of the way and get on with my life. I was also annoyed with the nofap counter. I am very competitive and when my numbers are high I feel like I am doing it for the wrong reasons and my ego takes over.

    Anyway, here I am at day 5.

    the first night after M I had a huge desire to do it again and again. I didn’t. I observed both: the mad feeling that I needed to M, and the sense that it was controllable.

    Next, any time I was bored for the next couple of days, my brain immediately went for, “hey, you know what we can do?” Again, I ignored this.

    I took a multi-day fast this week so that kinda helped staying focused. By day 3 of no food, nobody thinks of M, trust me!

    so yeah, I was definitely reminded of how powerful sexuality is as a force inside me. It takes a lot to control it. I am still not sure how I am going to engage with this force long term... do I hang it up on a wall like an old relic (I’m talking about M only here) or do I M in some controlled fashion once every 2-3 months? I think the latter is possible only if I don’t go mad with desire after I M. I was hoping that after a year of almost no fapping (I M’ed 2 times since early March of 2019) I won’t get wank crazy.

    I used to struggle the most by end of week 2-3 of nofap, so we will see. If I get mad desires again and I feel out of control, then I’ll know my answer.
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  18. GottaBFree

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    That is amazing progress.

    I know for me P or M can never have a place in my life again - no matter what. That is new for me. I used to think if my wife wasn’t able for extended periods it was a true need and I’d break down... then feel horrible and decide I wouldn’t ever... repeat the cycle. But in the end there is no denying I’m not as happy when involved in P or M. I couldn’t face the idea that there may be long times of monk mode in my life - I’d just ignore the idea, but I accept that as the better way for me now. Even when I mess up I’m not justifying it to myself any more.

    I’d love to be where you are in recovery. You are doing awesome. It’s a pleasure to follow your progress in the group.
  19. Wolf2019

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    I'm at the bottom of the list but it's not so bad, there's only one direction to go from there...
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    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

    Checking in... on day 11 into double digits!

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