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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Wolf2019

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    Yesterday, I fell on my ass, hit the back of the head, saw the contents of my bag spilled all over, then had the ice crack under me and fell through into an icy river and got pulled by the current over Niagara Falls. So yeah, that happened . . . :eek:
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  2. GottaBFree

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    Starting over. Ugh. Like @Timber was saying it’s tough because PM seems so new and nice. I don’t notice the negative effects as much, but I know it won’t take long...

    Everything is busy and crazy right now. Work has been weird. There are some corona patients around and many got it from community spread. With incubation time the next couple of weeks could be wild in my area. It’s slow in hospitals right now. Sick people are staying home if they can and corona people are not sick enough yet.

    Moving next week in the middle of a quarantine ... so we have been packing up maybe for nothing. If the house sale falls through next week will be horrible.

    I will be checking in daily here I hope. I only like the travel challenge when I get close to 10 days.... none of the others seem to help me.
  3. Went to the laundrymat and got my clothes washed. It was a positive experience, but for some reason I always get the urge for PM after I go. Today it wasn't so bad. The old fantasies started going in my head as I was driving home and bringing in my clothes, but now they are already subsiding. I have no intention of ending my streak today. I will distract myself with leftover pizza and X-Files episodes.
  4. Timber

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    Well, this time I did fall on that damn ice! And it was not enjoyable at all! I’m hoping to build up from this.

    it’s getting annoying!
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  5. AEC Josh2415

    AEC Josh2415 Fapstronaut

    I have read the rules and I would like to join this group when there is an opening.
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  6. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    Nice work!

    That’s what I notice about me too and what I call scripts. There are lots of habits I have that lead to PM for me that have nothing to do with PM. When I am vigilant and recognize them early they are much easier for me to deal with. I think of changing it up by watching DFiles as breaking the script. Later I feel happy I avoided PM and recognize I’m happier and my day went better.

    The frustration to me remains it only takes a moment of lying to myself and it’s starting all over again. I feel like I’m learning lots but not applying what I’m learning enough maybe.

    Aw well. I’d still rather fight the beast than be a willing slave to misery.

    Good to see you all. I’ve been busy and I’ve missed this.
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  7. I have added you to the waiting list.
  8. JJ_Kino

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  9. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    Made it a day. In the morning the counter will say 2 if all goes well and I reset the counter right. The next couple of days are crucial.

    I hope everyone’s lockdown time is going well.
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  10. Wolf2019

    Wolf2019 Fapstronaut

    2 days for me, one more and I'll pass the 3 day challenge!
  11. emanuel_free

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    The same here I'm starting over too. I'm fine but our city asked quarantine for those on my line of work who can work from home, so too much time here plus very poor sleeping were a bad combination. I'm starting today my working out at home that I started and then stoped, and keep trying to exchange bad habits for good ones.

    You're not alone be strong.

  12. Yeah as if this wasn't hard enough already. We have to keep trying to move forward though and not give up.
  13. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    3 days and a reset. I need to get 4 to break free and start a new streak.

    I’ll just be posting in the mornings to try to stay offline completely at night from now on. Getting to be an awful habit. I want to do better and I’ll give that up since it will be needed.
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  14. discovery

    discovery Fapstronaut

    Almost lost my streak yesterday. I was going through my computer, looking through old files I hadn't looked at in years to clear up space, and came across something I had completely forgotten about. Not porn, but very triggering. I hadn't thought about this in maybe 6 years, but suddenly all kinds of memories flooded back from that time. It was tough to shake. Edging and thoughts of going back to porn had a firm grip on me.

    I'm being very careful about my diet these days, avoiding bread as much as I can, shitty food, etc. The thing that saved me was the thought of racing to the grocery store and getting the wrong stuff. I came back with a box of cookie crisp, captain crunch, a gallon of milk and a bag of jalapeno cheddar cheetos and pigged TF out. It was disgusting and I felt like a slob. Even after I still had urges but watching a documentary about the 1918 Spanish flu crisis kept me from going over the edge in the end. Nothing triggering there. Some days are definitely harder than others.
  15. Circleinthesquare

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    Too much PM recently. Check in today.
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  16. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    Moved our own crap all day and still not done.... guess who wishes they went to sleep and didn’t PM last night?

    4 more hours at least. Ugh.
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  17. Hang in there guys! We'll get through this eventually.
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  18. @AEC Josh2415 - We have an opening for you in the member ranking. Please reply to this comment if you would still like to rejoin the group.
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  19. Rebooter13

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    Here i am again on day 1.Self isolation rules are getting tougher (for the right reasons) and since monday we have to inform the oficials if we need to move from our house.It's not that they will deny that at least not for now (we are just sending an SMS with our names and the reason) but it works as a measure to keep people from going out all day.
    I can't wait for the time to switch to daylight saving time this weekend.I've been noticing my mood going down a lot at nights (wtf this used to be my favorite part of the day for years :p) so hopefully it will help me a lot.

    I stoped watching and reading news about the coronavirus.I was overexposing myslef to this like i was looking for a cure or something.From now on, unless something really important happens, i will just check the officials report at evening once a day and nothing else.
  20. Wolf2019

    Wolf2019 Fapstronaut

    Still working toward three-day challenge.

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