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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. WilBil99

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    Not sure about what day I’m on but I am sure my employer just cut my salary by 25%. Juggling the kids w 2 “essential” working parents was challenging enough before the pay cut....I’m not going to fap over it, just wanted to piss and moan for a bit. Hope you gents are well!
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  2. I hear you man. Getting back on track after reset/relapse is tough. We need to get back to where we were.
  3. A lot of good points in here. We are in uncertain and stressful times and along with that, we're stuck at home more. We just have to keep practicing and trying. I feel like even beating just one urge gives you a little bit more strength and the knowledge that you can do it. And we've all beaten many urges before. Just gotta keep practicing it. Good luck to everyone.
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  4. Sorry to hear that man. It's good to hear you're not going to fap though. You have a good streak going. Stay strong!
  5. Pirate3819

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    Checking in. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! This is a perfect time to reach out to old friends and distance family to check on there well being.
  6. @crazyaf - we have an opening for you in the group. Reply to this comment if you would like to re-join.
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  7. 2020rebooter

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    Checking in. Had gone a couple of weeks without PMO but fell off the wagon. Day 1 again today.
  8. GottaBFree

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    Back to 1 day again. Never a quick reset for me but this would be good for me.

    I hope everyone is doing well or hanging in.
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  9. persona2903

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    The CV crisis will undoubtedly have repercussions in our lives, and one of them will be economic hardship. I don't think going into crisis and getting anxious is convenient at all, but assuming that we will have to navigate a very rough sea will help us regulate our expectations. Finally we will come out strengthened.
    Attention, we do not abandon ourselves to fap, it would be adding another problem!
  10. GottaBFree

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  11. @2020rebooter - You have been added to the member ranking. Welcome to the group!
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    Hi all, been through a bit of a bad patch - not helped by being at home all the time. PM was becoming a regular part of my daily life, which was pretty shit. Anyway, since Monday morning I've not been distracted by this and am now on 3 days without. I think I got bored of PM because I was doing it so much, and that's why I've started a small streak. Take care everyone and be safe.
  13. discovery

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    Excellent quote artifact. Thanks!
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  14. emanuel_free

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    It's gonna be a rough sailing for sure! Let's try not to add more holes to the boat! It's not easy though, it's time to learn.
  15. GottaBFree

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    I figure now is the time to learn and grow. When things get back to the new normal, the chances to learn during stress triggers will (hopefully) be more rare.

    Also, if you can learn to stop during being locked down inside with lots of stress.... anything should be more easy.
  16. Timber

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    Hey gents!

    sorry to hear about your incomes, @Wolf2019 and @WilBil99!

    I am writing to you from my own pit. There’s a really funny line in one of Douglas Adams’ books that if you feel like you’re going crazy, lean into it and see what happens. I feel like I can sum up my March like that.

    I am starting to find a new normal. I have a new routine at home, which involves working between playing with kids. It’s been interesting! My job is stressful and not really getting any less so now.

    I came to a realization how soft I have become recently. I tried to take a cold shower and could barely handle it, even though just a month a go I took them all the time. Needless to say, I’m in cold water every night now. I’m getting better too.

    I have had no urges to PMO, although I’m just on day 2 or three?
  17. WilBil99

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    Thanks for the share @Timber ! I work for 30 minutes then play/school kids for an hour and repeat through out day. We set up a trampoline over the weekend so that has been a source of fun so far. Good luck to you!
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  18. David2018

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    "I have read the rules and would like to join this group"
    Can I get on the waiting list for this group?

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  19. JJ_Kino

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    Checking in.
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  20. OK, you are added to the waiting list. We may have an opening for you in the next few days (watch your alerts, I will tag you).

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