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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Day 11

    Feeling great with boosting energy level that i feel I'm not touching the ground when i was walking today.

    Mentally: My memory (i donno what to say, reactivated or back to me), what happened is that there is something that i studied by heart seven years ago and forgot it all after three four months, and during the last seven years when ever this thing is played or said in front of me i figure out that it's not there in my memory any more, today it's said in front of me and guess what I REMEMBER IT ALL, i even corrected two mistakes to the person who was saying it.
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    Day 1 once again. This week I was really disappointed in myself. And I feel exhausted now. I have to face that I'm addicted and simply cannot trust myself when it comes to looking at any sexy online content. I keep looking for grey areas where in reality those do not exist.

    On a side note: I started taking driving lessons at 37 years old, for the first time in my life. Another thing I always thought I simply couldn't do (like quitting PMO). I'm extremely nervous for the classes each week and I find it really intense. But when I manage this, while quitting PMO for 90 days, I can hardly imagine how powerful it's gonna feel in 3 months from now.
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    That is awesome man. It is truly awesome to do things you thought you'd never do. I used to be petrified of deep water. Then when I was around 30 I started to face down those fears and found myself snorkeling and scuba diving, which even led to snorkeling in very deep water with only a face mask and snorkel. Then, this past December I took a surfing lesson. I have horrible physical coordination so surfing was the absolute last thing I ever thought I'd do, combining coordination with deep water. I totally sucked at it, but I now have that experience under my belt. And I have gone 90 days no PMO, something which once only seemed like a pipe dream. Good luck with your driving lessons. I'm sure you'll be fine. If 17 year olds can manage it, you can too! Make sure to let us know when you pass your road test!
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    DAY 18 - I came here right now b/c I am getting "the distraction". I've been really clear for the last 5 days but since last night I've been haunted by some P memories that is, like I say, "the distraction" and almost succumbed but I put the phone in another room and went to sleep. That b1tch is back now and I am digging into my toolkit to steer clear. Damn creepy how this urge is settling in and not going away. wtf?! gotta stay strong.
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    Stay strong mate, we're almost 40 now, there's no more time for us to say "just one more time", because guess what it's never one more time, it takes us a F..... long cycle to come back to where we are now in our rebooting process,
    besides your brain is asking for P and soon as you start watching you figure out that it is not as nice as you thought it was, stay strong and don't let go :emoji_muscle:
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    Rebooted but not a bad reboot. Wasn't hours. Feel like maybe I'm getting out of this dark period of the last 2 weeks.
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    That’s where I’m at with PSubs or any kind of content designed to arouse. I can have no part of it, but that’s a good thing. It’s not part of who I want to be.

    Congrats on the driving class.
    Congrats. That sounds like a big win to me.

    One way to measure progress is how good things go when it’s going it’s best. Another measure is how low it goes at its lowest.
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    A quick plug for the challenge Discovery is running. We have lots of new group members.

    I don’t view the fix for PM to be overnight. This challenge has a nice long term feel to it. The 10 day waits before rewards are long.

    I don’t believe it is something that can’t be defeated but look into Post Addiction Withdrawal Syndrome and realize it’s probably a minimum of a 2-3 year period to really beat this thing. The challenge fits nicely with people dedicated to working towards a new PM free life.

    It’s not for everyone but I enjoy it and thought I’d give it a plug. The link is in lots of signatures including mine.
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    Friday time. 5 days - not reached that for a while. Get past the weekend and I'm on holiday so should be on to a week or more.
    Be safe people!
  11. discovery

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    Wow, hey thanks man! That means a lot to me. And thanks to you and artifact for being a part of it since the beginning. I see that you've made it to Austria. Getting ready to go over there now and take a look.
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    I have read the rules and would like to join this group
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  13. I have added you to the waiting list. You will need to activate your counter before you join.
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  14. @emanuel_free - congratulations on your 30 days! :emoji_beer: Hope you can make it 30 more!

    @Rebooter13 - look at you up there with 14 days! Very impressive, keep it going.

    @tonyk1982 - I noticed you post a lot on this thread. If you would like to join the group (and be listed in the member ranking) I can add you to the waiting list.
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  16. GottaBFree

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    Day 12. I’m Trying to stay focused on caring, feeling positive about defeating PM, and not giving into “one more for the road” ideas.

    It’s the part of a new streak where I need to stay focused, motivated, and engaged.

    A weak moment can set me back but vigilance for another day puts me that much closer to where I want to be.
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    A reset. Was away for over a week, completely disconnected from connectivity. Was an amazing break. During the break, there was sex to completion with my partner, which was good. I still consider it a reset. My target is 30 days with no MO.
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    Checking in. Feeling a bit low today, need to keep a good eye out for those demons!
  19. John Call

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  20. Hi everyone

    I think I have now achieved my goal of reaching day 30! If not then very close...I have for the most part been PMO in those 30 days but last few days I have been edging a bit and touching myself as I can feel my sexual energy is high and feels like it needs a release...I haven't O in 30 days nor looked at any P but can feel some urges today but I'm not acting on them as I don't want to ruin my streak

    Any advice for what I can do with the urges to M and to edge and fantasies? If I just keep going will they die down do you think?

    Thanks all

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