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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

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    What does joining the group offer?
  2. tonyk1982

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    Day 23 - it's been a challenging last 5 days feeling a constant urge. Wondering what is the point of this effort? Do I need to PMO to answer that question to myself - AGAIN? what is it about PMO that makes me feel like it should be a regular part of the day?
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  3. I think we all know that feeling well. PMO no doubt has a very strong pull on us but the good thing is we don't need it for survival. It isn't like food and water so as we go longer without it, our brains start to give up and forget about it. Our logical brain has to outlast our reptilian bullshit brain. It isn't linear though which can make us feel like it's not worth the trouble sometimes - but we all know logically that it is.
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  5. You get listed in the ranking at the beginning of the thread, if that appeals to you. No pressure. This is an accountability group, in case you weren't aware.
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    A ranking is unimportant to me. But I am finding the accountability and fellowship very helpful. thanks everyone.
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    Day 18
    One of the most difficult days on me until now, even though i did not see any P subs and trying so hard to stop my thoughts from any previous memories of P, but still i'm having one of the most difficult urges ever (in all my previous NoFap attempts this type of urge is the one that always broke me and made me relapse and i never made it before more than 19 days), i feel as if it's physical some how.
    I'm gonna do my best to stay strong with the hope that this will pass, Urge strength 90%
  8. tonyk1982

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    Right around Day 18 I got hit hard as well with physical urge and mental distraction that I had never experienced in my life. Cuz I never went that long with out P,M, or O. I totally had the physical draw to attend to the urge - it was really tough for me. It lasted about 5 days, today is the first day I don't feel so compelled. I spent a lot of time on the site here the last few days, getting reminded of why and how not to relapse. You can do it. Use your coping skills. Stay strong. Reach out to your community here.
  9. tonyk1982

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    I really appreciate this site and all of your help. I'm just coming out of my roughest patch of temptation - almost near constant reminders of my favorite old scenes/pornstars for the last 4-5 days. Everywhere I looked there was a female form or image - in person, tv, internet, mail order catalog, wherever - that got me thinking of sexual imagery and wondering about how much fun it would be to have a good PMO session, for old times sake. I'll admit to these weaknesses and that without the support of this community, reading positive stories of staying on-track and those of our brothers that fell off the wagon, I would have relapsed and probably not just a little bit but a big time bender. Thank you everyone. I feel today, Day 25, that I've grown more confident and skilled at dealing with my addiction. The really cool thing is that I am finding a well of compassion and kindness for the people in my real life that are struggling with the issues of the world today and their own personal battles. Somehow not acting out on my PMO obsession is leaving me with energy that I can share with others to be a good listener and offer encouragement and real help if necessary. In giving we receive. I am seeing there are so many benefits to PMO-free life that provides inspiration to stay sober. Be well everyone - stay strong.
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    I did things to change my mood completely, and it helped somehow, took a shower, wore nice cloths, left the house to the supermarket bought anything then called my brother then my uncle and had long chats about anything, now i'm back home more relaxed and kind of back in control.
    Thanks for encouraging me i need it, really appreciate it.

    About this group, from all the NoFap website i feel this group the most important group for me, the close age and experience of everyone here is giving me this feeling, thank you all for being here for me and for each other.
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    Reset again. Same story. I think it’s familiar way to waste time, escape reality, and I have been feeling confident. It’s such a dumb trigger but it’s kicking my butt.

    I struggle to get going on a new streak, so I’ll try to limit the damage and get going again ASAP. Even 5 days in I feel so much better most days.

    I have to do this for me and my awesome wife and family. The only way out is forward. I’m trying to not get disgusted with myself but it’s tough and not productive.

    Day 0. Need to take the new streak an hour at a time and get 1 day back under my belt.
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    This is my biggest challenge right now. It's not any specific trigger, but more this feeling and voice in the back of my head that is saying 'Hey man. It's been long enough. And you haven't gotten laid in forever. C'mon, it'll be great. Like old times!' There's this really delicious candy out there and all I have to do is reach out and take it, like I always used to. I just have to make sure I stay careful. 1 day or 100 days, the vulnerability is always there.
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  15. Yeah the vulnerability is always there. I like to think that eventually it's very weak and our positive habits are strong enough that it's no big deal. Being on a long streak can gradually cause us to become a little bit lax maybe. I suppose we can forget a little of why we're on this journey. Stay strong man! You know it's worth it.
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    I can't seem to string 2 days together.

    Reset again.
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  17. Yes try again!
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  18. Hello friends quick post here to say that I've made it to 30 days PMO+ now and aiming next for 60....I have had some urges to M and O but they have subsided for now. Feeling strong in myself and glad that I found this accountability group for the extra support.

    I am very intrigued to see what happens as I go deeper into a streak. For now I feel very motivated to continue.
  19. John Call

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    You have to get out of that loop, it keeps you in the very low energy state and full of shame, which we don't like to stay like that for long, get your self together and move on.
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  20. John Call

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    30 days, you're doing a great job, you're inspiring me to pass the very difficult stage that I am at in my streak, today i reached 19 days which is my highest record ever and I'm struggling to move forward, but i belive I will this time.

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