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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. GottaBFree

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    You are doing awesome in a time with lots of change and challenges. That's great for the future and recovery.
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  2. magvor

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    Bah. Fell off again. Back to the beginning.
  3. tonyk1982

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    Day 32 - things are very calm. I'm wondering if that nasty habit is going to jump out at me unexpected and get me while my guard is down. So here I am, trying to keep on track. Staying in the process that got me here. Anyone have similar experiences of feeling functional and like the PMO addiction isn't overtaking you any longer? What happened good or bad in that situation? Stay strong everyone.
  4. GottaBFree

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    That’s exactly what I’m going through. I used PM as a coping mechanism for lots of things. I felt powerless to stop. Over the last year I figured out it was all BS one trigger at a time.

    I feel like I should get past PM but feeling like I can win turned out to be a trigger too.

    I’ve accepted that. I feel like I need how to live a better life not just stop and that’s what I’m working on now.
  5. JJ_Kino

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  6. fit2bear

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  7. fit2bear

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    "I have read the rules and would like to join this group"
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  8. Thanks so much for the updated chart! It shows us that long term recovery is really possible! Even though I had another setback yesterday, I'm going to keep trying.
  9. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    Is it different triggers or the same one getting you?

    Congrats! You are rolling again! We’ve got this!
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  10. JJ_Kino

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    Thanks bro, you too!

    Let's reach 21 days, if we can get that far we can go on a real.run.
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  11. Rebooter13

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    Checking in 200 metres from the beach :p , i think it's day 7 or something on my curent streak.
    So far so good!
  12. Hard to say. Sometime it's something I see on the internet, but usually it's my own fantasizing brain.
  13. Just checking in....feeling calm and no urges for P at all currently even when in low moods. I try to keep telling myself that I just hate P, it's boring and if I look again I have wasted all this hard work and then all I will do is binge on PMO and feel so much self loathing so I may as well keep the streak going

    I am also doing a LOT of exercise in the mornings and have loads of energy...possibly a result of not M and O?
  14. Timber

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    Hey artifact,

    Could you add me back?

    I have been planning to return but I wanted to get a good streak going first. I think I had my priorities reversed. Much appreciate the support of the community and the journaling aspect of this experience! I need it!
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  15. John Call

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    Day 28 I can finally say that the beast inside of me is taking a break, i'm getting calmer now and urges decreased, today i swam 300 m sprint swimming and i guess i should have started this earlier, but everything is happening on it's exact destined time, so 30 days is getting closer which was a far dream for me before, now it seems achievable, with the help of God then your help all my fellow friends "THANK YOU" all.
  16. Heck yeah, great to have you back. I'll add you to the waiting list.
  17. Rough weekend, but I'm ready to start climbing again like itsy bitsy spider.

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  18. @gearboxwhine and @fit2bear - You have both been added to the waiting list but you will need to activate your counters before you can join.
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  19. gearboxwhine

    gearboxwhine Fapstronaut

    Thanks and counter activated.
  20. Merry Terry

    Merry Terry Fapstronaut

    Checking in. I’m in the middle of vacations so I don’t spend so much time at the computer. Which is part of why I haven’t posted here in a while and why it’s also relatively easy to stay away from PMO. But I have to prepare mentally for going back to work (from home) next week.

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