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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Great awakin

    Great awakin Fapstronaut

    Get back up bruh!
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  2. Timber

    Timber Fapstronaut

    Thanks, @artifact nice to be back!

    I drank too much on Friday and PMOed afterwards. Alas! Now time to turn this trend around.

    I am continuing to work with my mantra, which is at times remarkably challenging. “I’m a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God” is a tricky thing to keep repeating when I feel miserable, horny, frustrated, annoyed, etc... but it also reminds me that it is ok to feel those feelings while being opened up to God and to my mantra. It feels like a baby step forward.
  3. Axel Foley

    Axel Foley Fapstronaut

    Excellent perspective. I feel you on this. Urging. Use that sexual energy and/or transmute it for good. Instead of shaming ourself for it right. Thanks for sharing!
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  4. discovery

    discovery Fapstronaut

    Yep. There's always a way to find porn. I'll bet cavemen drew stick figures of women in the dirt and jerked off to them. Always a way.
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  5. Robbiebob

    Robbiebob Fapstronaut

    Hi gang.... Day 7 for me & generally this is were I slip up & stumble but not today! some urges but easy to brush off & I'm not letting anything get in my way of my 30 day stretch... R.
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  6. Rebooter13

    Rebooter13 Fapstronaut

    Wellcome back @Timber!

    @gearboxwhine Congrats man!
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  7. Rebooter13

    Rebooter13 Fapstronaut

    I've been struggled this weekend and eventually gave in too.Let's hope and try for a clean week.
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  8. Robbiebob

    Robbiebob Fapstronaut

    Hi all... Urges are hitting me hard just now, I'm am focusing on my goal & I very well aware of the repercussions if I give & before you know it you're on this marry go round... Rob.
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  9. magvor

    magvor Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    You can do it - just keep going!
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  10. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    I've catalogued them and solved them all one at a time. Now it's just about staying motivated for me.

    My journal captured most of them if you are.currious what I'm working on. The big thing now is I need more of a desire to move forward and I need to work plan day by day.
  11. Funny how being gone and not having much choice makes this pretty easy. I was busy most of the time and didn't really think about. Once I got home though, the urges started. Why does having a choice make this so hard?
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  12. Just checking in at start of my latest streak...aiming to beat 66 days
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  13. Timber

    Timber Fapstronaut

    In Gita there is a really cool saying that your will is your best weapon and your worst enemy. Kinda makes sense.

    I am shlepping along. No physical urges but the mind wants to PMO. I hate it when that happens!
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  14. Great awakin

    Great awakin Fapstronaut

    Dont tolerate the thoughts when it begins bro. It's always easiest to fight those impure thoughts when they are at infancy. Know the triggers too... If drinking opens u up to temptation, then i would avoid it for the time being. If it's netflix movies, then stay away for the time being (i did and it was a tremendous positive change - no turning back). It will be worth it!
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  15. emanuel_free

    emanuel_free Fapstronaut

    Hi everyone 75 days today, I've been here before but I must keep working and growing. Each day is different and has its own worries and battles to fight. So keeping focused on what's important on the goals we have set for us and our lives it's important.

    Stay clean, stay free, live on the Way.
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  16. David2018

    David2018 Fapstronaut

    Of course it's my problem. And a lot of people have the same problem. But I do think the internet for people with PMO issues is like bringing drugs into the house of someone trying to quit. I don't even have to leave to get it and it's free.
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  17. Strong work! keep it going
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  18. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut

    Another day, just around the 30-day bend. Now for the 60 day stretch. Then a straight line to the finish, except this race never ends because it's not a race at all. One day at a time is sure to win just for today.

    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

    Checking in... need to hang in there despite strong urges!
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  20. Pirate3819

    Pirate3819 Fapstronaut

    I have the same issue. When I'm busy or with friends, and family I don't think about it. However, as soon as I anticipate that I will be alone, I start obsessing about watching P. COVID has disrupted my routine. When I was on my streak, I was hardly alone and usually my alone time to work on personal projects. I'm always home now and personal projects are a after thought. I think I really need to get back socializing and working out outside of the house.

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