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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. David2018

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    1 time turned into 2 times turned into 3 times turned into coming back to reset.
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  2. emanuel_free

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    checking in...close to 90 days.
  3. That's awesome man. You should be proud of yourself. Don't let your guard down though. Stay strong
  4. Rebooter13

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    Checking in...
    I didn't make any good streak since the start of september but the good enviroment in my new job keeps my morale high.
    One of the main reasons i got isolated the last years is the fact that many people from my cyrcle had to move away from my city for profesional reasons.There is a new change for me now, working in a company with a lot of people to start making a new cyrcle.I will not press things though, i know i am very social so i will let things happen naturally.

    In other news there's a new girl started working there a week after me and i feel like there's something more than a profesional connection between us.I have seen that look into women eyes at the past..;)
    I am not very positive on starting something with a woman from my job enviroment but right now it feels nice because it keeps my mind busy in a positive way.

    I know sometimes i have shared more personal and irrelevant info here but you guys are the only people i can speak about my daily life combining it to my pm addiction as i have never talked about that to anyone in my enviroment.Thank's for understanding!
  5. Timber

    Timber Fapstronaut

    keep sharing. It’s all connected! Sounds like lots of new beginnings in your life and that’s exciting!
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  6. GottaBFree

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    Day 9.5 - kind of out of "the early days" and into a transition period. If I can get through 14 I've tended to do well, but day 9-13 seems to be a time where many streaks have died.

    I'm motivated. Three points of focus:

    1) follow "the rules"

    2) Avoid trap "I've got this, just one more escape and then I'm going to quit forever". - Every reset is bad for me. I don't have minor resets.

    3) Avoid trap "I don't care, take me away" escapism. This one is best managed by staying busy and not staying up late.
  7. JJ_Kino

    JJ_Kino Fapstronaut

  8. Five days and feeling good, looking forward to a successful weekend.
  9. @John Call - congrats on your 30 days today! Thanks for being part of the group.
  10. Timber

    Timber Fapstronaut

    It will be 2 weeks at the end of today. I feel fine. I actually don’t feel horny. The only trouble is my mind. Erotic thoughts keep popping up, but they are quite easy to sweep aside. They don’t feel connected to any physiological impulses. It feels like the engine is off but the wheels are still spinning.

    I know weekends are tricky for some of us. If you are tempted, imagine Biden and Trump, stripped to loincloths, oiled up, and wrestling in a sand pit. It might be as good as a cold shower!
  11. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut

    No workout yesterday and not today either. That's ok. I have familial obligations to meet and i can do my at-home work out. I am going shopping to buy healthy food like chicken and spinach. I started eating meat again and taking supplemetation to rebuild my broken down body. I am tracking the numbers of the food i eat. No more garbage or poison destroying my body. I am clean. I am becoming strong again. I remember my past mistakes lest i repeat them. I remember my weakness and I stand strong in faith that God will do as He promised. Today i am a new creation. I am a flood of energy holy and pure. I am doing God's will unto myself that i may glorify His creation and give thanks for this life i have been graciously given once again.
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  12. Very good post man. You make great points. It's easy to fall into both of those traps. Good reminder.
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  13. discovery

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    I would like to remind you of the rules prohibiting triggering material. I just reported you to the NF moderator ;)
  14. Great awakin

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  15. Timber

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    i forgot you’re into weird stuff...star trek and now this! :)
  16. I think you cured me with that one.
  17. discovery

    discovery Fapstronaut

    Now if we could only get present-day William Shatner into that sand pit with Biden and Trump... hmm....
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    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

    Verily, those are indeed extremely powerful expressions!
  19. Great post, Jerky. I admire your determination and devotion to success.
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  20. Having a successful weekend so far. Reminding myself of my plan for success:
    1. If I have an urge for P and M, observe it, don't act on it, let it pass.
    2. If triggered by something on the internet, turn off computer immediately and go do some physical activity like a chore or go for a walk.
    3. Meditate, sleep, or exercise to reboot my brain.
    4. Avoid potentially triggering activities like idle scrolling on social media sites or streaming trashy movies.
    5. Stay focused on things I want to accomplish, but also allow myself some non-productive down time.
    6. Real world social engagements should be scheduled whenever possible because they seem to prevent my relapses more than anything. Social isolation and that feeling of not belonging have been big drivers of my addictive behaviors in the past.

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