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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. jaberwaki

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    Day 14 checking in! Two weeks!
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  3. Jerky

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    Thanks you. I believe much of what we go through has to do with what enters into our mind. It is different for each if us but for me, my mind is indeed the battlefield.
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  4. GottaBFree

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    That sounds like great progress, but sorry my brother.... It's not game over yet.

    Read up on flatlines and PAWS. PAWS can hit for 2.5-3 years, but they pass and are normal. Prep for it.

    I hit 60 days twice last year and I had no idea what hit me or what it was, because I thought I was a changed man. This is said with love.... Your battle is going well but it's not over yet. It's cool if the group isn't needed, I just hope you are better prepared than I was last year because I had never heard of PAWS.
  5. Sorry to see you to go, you have been a great contributor this group. I think you will be back eventually because nofap is an ongoing learning process and we are never really "cured."
  6. @andyYeahman - we have an opening for you in the group. Are you still interested in joining?
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  7. Well done for acknowledging them and doing something different by posting in the group! Hope they've passed now...it really is all about trying to find ways to resist the urges
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  8. It is ok! It's reality. Just start afresh
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  9. I got to 73 days and then relapsed...I really hope that you can make it stick! I do think this is a lifelong process...as long as there is porn online then there will be temptation
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  10. jaberwaki

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    Day 15 checking in. I've got a full day of play with my son to look forward to, beautiful snow outside and have banked some good sleep. But I know by the time I put the kiddo to bed I'm going to be completely depleted, and the post bedtime-empty house time is always a danger. Putting out my intention to play guitar like a mofo once I get my boy down. I'll check in before bedtime tonight.
    Happy Saturday!
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  11. sjindjin

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    Well, had a good streak for 6 weeks, but unfortunately watched porn today on, of all places, Etsy. One moment I was browsing for some nice mugs, then I saw some suggestive "art", and before I knew it I found some actual porn on Etsy. Spent a bit of time with it too, though did not orgasm ultimately. Bit of bad luck that it was there to be found. But, I fully own it, because I was absolutely looking for it, and I enjoyed looking at it for a while before I tore myself away. So, counter reset to 0, expecting a tough two weeks ahead. Hope you're all having better luck this weekend!
  12. JJones

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    Can I join the group again?
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  13. jaberwaki

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    Checking in as promised. Not as tired as I'd feared, busting out some chinese and guitar then straight to bed. Stay strong gents!
  14. Circleinthesquare

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    Sunday check in - have kind of given up a bit at the moment, not sure where to find my inspiration inside me...
  15. Rebooter13

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    I made a comment a week back about some audio files with subliminal mesages to about quiting porn i use to listen the last months.
    I didn't want to post them here because i didn't want any of you thinking i am trying to promote them but since i got the OK from artifact here they are.

    I usually listen to this one after relapsing.Usually when i relapse my mood goes down with a lot of guilt but i noticed after listening to this i feel kinda more happy and in better mood.There are some times i even smiling without any particular reason.

    I listen to this one daily for as long as i can.This is the free version but after noting some positive effects i decided to buy the enhanced version.This channel has very good feedback, at least in the videos i checked so i though that paying 40 euros or so for something that might help me totally deserves it.
    I think this responsible for the long term effects i am noticing.

    There are some others similar audios on youtube as well so if you are considering to give it a try i advise you to make your own research and see what works for you.
    Some of them might make you feel good while listening to them but that doesn't necessary mean their effect will last.It will take time for that so be patience and invest more time.
    Some people have said that they feel their brain tired after consecutive days listening to them so if you notice anything like that just take a break for one day or two (but if it's possible no more than that).It would also be wise to not combine files with different topics.
    You can listen while you meditate,playing video games, doing some light job or simply just let them play in the background while you watch a moovie.Avoid listening to them while driving or doing something that requires heavy work, or your 100% focus.Listening to them while sleeping is nice too.
    You gonna need a good sound system for those with a wide frequency rage.Some people are listening to them with headphones and it's fine but just check the volume first.There's no need to play it very loud, adjust the volume where it is more comfortable and experiement with that.

    This is what comes in mind right now as an advise to anyone interested in giving a try.If anyone do i am curious about the results so please just let me know if and how those files are effecting you.If anyone had any questions feel free to ask.

    But you have to remember guys this is not magic, you have to daily try on your own and stay focused on your goal.
  16. Rebooter13

    Rebooter13 Fapstronaut

    It's never too late and i mean it.We don't want ourselves to say "I should have done more to quit" in a few years from now.
    The sooner we do it no matter our age the better it's going to be.Just imagine myslef still watching porn in ten years from now makes me sick.
  17. Rebooter13

    Rebooter13 Fapstronaut

    I don't think i am facing a weed addiction problem.Addicting to weed is not easy anyway.I was always the guy who has some stash of weed at home and managing to smoke once or twice a month without even thinking about that.I was handling it very well for years and i think i was taking all the benefits from that without any problem.Actually i was the good example in my cyrcle on how to responsible consume weed, i remember my friends telling me that they want to handle it they way i do, lol (if they only knew about porn)
    What made it worst though was porn because as i said i noticed weed is enhancing the experience and thats a big trap.
    Anyway even nowdays when i take breaks from weed i don't really miss it but when i take breaks from porn...then i noticing a lot of mood changes after a few days.It's like i can't take pleasure from daily things or something.Weed could help on those difficult moments as a substance but yeah it has become a porn trap now so i have to be careful.

    This is exactly what happened in my last streak this week i was giving a good fight against watching porn but taking pleasure from everyhting else was very difficult, i just kept doing it thinking that i have to stand my ground no matter what and my mood eventually will get better.I don't know if it was because i wasn't watching porn , i think the lockdown and the fact that i can't go out to socialize the way i used to is playing a huge part so my only pleasure this weak was coming from the hours i was spending in my workplace.

    Anyway i have those thoughts about weed as well and i am trying to figure out if it is a rabbit hole pulling me to porn.
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  18. bama_lost

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    @Rebooter13 If the weed use ramps up when you're cutting out the porn, then there's definitely a cross-addiction situation happening. It may not be an addiction to the substance, but there's an addictive association happening in your brain. I listened to a podcast the other week where the therapist talked about how people can be addicted to anything: food, spending money, excercise.
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  19. Buddhism Is True

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    37, unmarried, and unemployed. First post in this thread. Will lurk a bit more, but wanted to say hi.
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  20. The group is currently full, but I will add you to the waiting list. Please read the rules at the beginning of this thread if you have not done so already.
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