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  1. Small update:

    Working out with more intensity, switched workout schedule to the afternoon so I can workout with the family and maximize my time for work in the morning. Maximizing weekends for upper body and leg workouts.

    Catholic and professional audio books in the car while I drive. Reading during breaks and at bed.

    Investing more in stocks and options and having a blast. Learning a lot. But more importantly investing in my current job and career, going deep into solutions.

    Slowly learning how to spend more time with my wife now that the pandemic is easing and she's willing to go out more.

    Deleted all social media months ago (after listening to Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport), best decision of my life. Never going back.
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  2. Ik2

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    I'm a big fan of Cal Newport, love his books. Can highly recommend digital minimalism. It's not about whether you use technology but how you use it. I feel like him being a computer science professor helps his credibility for writing on the digital minimalism topic. One thing to be careful of when you go the no social media route is to not replace it with other mindless browsing habits. For me reddit can easily become a replacement social media outlet for example.
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  3. Jerky

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    Another passing day. Not thinking about anything. Just one moment at a time.
  4. Circleinthesquare

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  5. lowkeysonly

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    Feeling triggered but I guess it's just tiredness and stress so giing to bed and forgetting that I feel triggered :D
  6. Highlander01

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    This is a very succinct post, hitting a lot of points I can identify with. Very good for you man, good job. I love finding positive affirming posts like this, so thank you
  7. JJ_Kino

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    Friday morning check in.

    Doing alright, been tempted to have a drink but I how it will end so I swerved it for now.
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  8. jaberwaki

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    Checking in! No struggles with porn but I am finding the wake-up period a little annoying with morning wood. I don’t have a strong desire to act out but, you know, it’s right there at attention and the sleepy brain hasn’t quite gotten on board with the plan here. Just something I’ve noticed I have to shake off as I get up in the morning. On the positive side, it definitely makes getting out of bed quickly a bit easier—no point in just laying there trying not to touch myself.
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  9. Merry Terry

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    Checking in, perhaps for the last time in a while, because this next Monday is the planned C-section that will bring my twin daughters into the world. I'm excited and scared shitless in more or less equal measures :)

    I've been in a stupid loop where every week I stay away from PM easily from Friday to Monday, then get tempted to peek at something on Tuesday, leading to a PM or PMO sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. Every week since the beginning of this year it's been like that. Underestimating the effects of peeking is my main problem right now.

    I expect the next 5 to 6 weeks I won't have any time or opportunity to peek at anything, so that's a good thing. But I know the moment will come when I do and a voice in my brain will say it's okay. So I'll try to be mindful and suspicious for that.
  10. Highlander01

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    I didn’t, no fapping but on beer 12 and 3 cigars. Not exactly a healthy work out regime
  11. GottaBFree

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    That's amazing news my man. Good luck to momma and the little ones.
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    NICEDUDE Fapstronaut

    Checking in...Lustful thoughts notwithstanding, the soul yearns for the Holy Spirit!
  13. Congrats on your new family members.
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  14. lowkeysonly

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    congrats on 30 days NiceDude, that's a good milestone.
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  15. lowkeysonly

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    Sundays are the worst for me, got triggered big time watching a TV show, managed to not let the auto pilot run somehow and went for a walk instead. But close call seriously.
  16. jaberwaki

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    Sunday Check-in. Today's a big life transition moment that could totally derail me, but I'm meeting it with a plan--lots of friend time, phone calls with family, and generally staying away from potential triggers. Will be doing cold showers and wim hoff as well to keep the positive chemicals flowing.
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  17. Lovelife247

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    Is this group still around and active I wanna get looped back in
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  18. JJ_Kino

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    @magvor Congratulations on reaching 90 days brother, well done!
  19. magvor

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    NoFap Defender

    Thank you very much sir!

    I've been feeling stronger with all of this. Last week brought several challenges at once, resulting in high stress and broken nights - causing even more stress and reducing the ability to deal with it. In the past, this would have been more than enough to send me looking for P. I'm exhausted through lack of sleep, but seem more able than ever to ignore, divert, or not even have the urges.

    Big shout out to this book (Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking.org), which a kind member brought to the group the other day. It's turning out to be incredibly effective in "reframing the argument". P is a highly addictive drug. By deciding to stop using it, I am not "giving anything up." Instead, I'm freeing myself. Just that tiny nugget on its own makes it easy to take the right decision when my brain is offering suggestions ("how about this?" "or this?").

    Here's to the next 90!
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  20. GottaBFree

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    Reset. It's a new week. I'm going to make it a great one in all ways.

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