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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

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    I'm just so thrilled that such a platform exists. It has been a problem for me for the past 22 years. The impact may not always be very obvious, but I know it has had one on my life. I'm so glad there is a support group to help me get through this.
  2. @Heretogrow, congratulations on your 90 days! I know you worked hard for it. You have been added to the 90 Day Hall of Achievement.
    @Thenofapper, congrats on your 30 days.
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  3. @tiredofit1` and @Tryinghardtoquit - we have a couple of openings in the group and you are next on our waiting list. If you are still interested in joining, please re-read the rules at the beginning of this thread and then reply to this comment.
  4. Going through a period of challenge -

    Its - 30 degrees here where I live for one of the longest time in history - Work is picking up really good though.

    I noticed some wet dreams recently and they are becoming more realistic - like the sexual acts are like as if in real life - the characters are getting more real and attractive lol

    I feel a strong longing for having a companion but I know this longing is my depression trying to fill the void - so I sit with it tonight and hopefully cry?

    Crying helps so much sometimes. I have 3 new affirmations "I am loved. I am worthy. I am enough"
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    Checking in. 55 days, steady as she goes with my head held high.
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    Decent day yesterday but I started surfing and feel I surfed too much not to reset my counter. It started raining when I was about to leave for the gym and I opted to stay home and stay "comfortable." It was not a storm, nothing an umbrella couldn't solve. I did push myself outside later to run errands and I finished some tax paperwork I needed to get done.
    I just wrote out my goals on a blank calendar, visualizing where I'll be when I reach Day #15, Day #30, Day #45, etc. I'm determined not to disappoint those future me's.
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  7. Calling @A86c, @crisx073, @clydebarrow and @The runner: We have a couple of openings in the group and you guys are next on the waiting list. Are any of you still interested in joining? If so, please re-read the rules at the beginning of this thread and reply to this comment.
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    Can I join or get on wait list?
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  9. OK, watch your alerts. There may be something for you in the next few days.
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    I'm on day 8. Things are going really well. My urges are far less than they used to be. After the first few streaks I always had the feeling that it would be impossible to live without it. Although my streaks haven't been longer yet than two weeks, the amount of porn I've watched in the last month is so much less than before I joined this forum. I also installed a porn blocker on my PC, my password is kept in my locker at work so when I relapse the options are quit limited, this has helped a great deal.
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    I'd like to join; I'm 40 and working hard on improving myself, probably the most involved I've been with discovering what and who I am.

    Read the rules and am agreeable to them. Can't turn on the counter, as I'd be lying that I have a day under my belt.
  12. I discovered a new tool! its called changing my inner dialogue.

    Love the book I AM by Joel Osteen!

    Starting it first thing in the morning. Every morning I read out my vision and goals and affirmations out loud and hit the gym, looking forward to a new expansion!
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  13. I am a fan of Osteen too. I like his positive message.
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  14. LOL Awesome! yes he has been cheering me on for years! Love the guy

    I love his jokes at the start - usually, listen to him for 5-7 minutes every day while i do my warm-up at the gym, and now i started to listen to him the first thing as I get my coffee to get myself int eh right state with the positive affirmations.

    In the past week, I noticed my anger has been increased to intense degrees, the only change in my diet has been eating meat again - but I'm not sure if its the meat or if it is a side effect of reaching almost 3 months -
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  15. Hey bro welcome

    I know you can do it - because we all felt that way about it at times :)

    So i recommend using your determination to INSTALL new disciplines, such as meditation, and exercise and good healthy meals and enough sleep but not too much. I find those to be the most helpful, also keeping your mind positive- Keep trying bro keep trying. You're bound to be successful
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  16. looks like we lost another soldier lol fleurette is gone! may she be happy with what she finds.
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  17. AEC Josh2415

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    Over the past few days I've been feeling overwhelmed. Not tempted to PMO, really, but in a place where I might go there out of frustration or boredom. I'll be all right.

    Checking in with 57 days.
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  18. 2pres90

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    Checking in. 2 days down. Working a lot the next several days so, unless I relapse on my free afternoon Monday, I should make it to Day 8...and be on a streak.
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    Thanks for the rebuke. It's offensive. That snide comment at the end was uncalled for. I'm away from home 90 hours a week, I moderate a nofap chat on discord and help many others there. Also, I'm not your bro.
  20. Hi guys. 90. Hard, hard, hard, this week I may fall intentionally. Because the last two weeks have been horrible... Im not in a very good place right now to talk or write or go over it. Thank you all for being there. Take care.

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