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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Checking in and thankfully doing well here.
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  2. Good luck 2pres90, I've been having the same problem.
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  3. The last week or so for me has been the worst I've had (nofap-wise) since I started the group. 4th of July weekend knocked me down hard in spite of having committed to go at least 30 days with a couple of you (apologies to @EcoMunchies and @Freeman82 ) and I am still trying to get back on my feet again. This just shows me how this addiction is truly baffling and has a mind of its own in spite of the endless promises I make to myself and others about stopping. Thanks for putting up with me and hanging in there. This group means a lot to me.

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    Checking in Tuesday. Taking one day at a time.
  5. Jerky

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    July 9, 2019

    Today is Day 9
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    Checking in Day 21.
    Continuing to fight the fight. I’ve been reading a lot on Osho and Karezza recently and realising how contradictory so much of advice and especially mainstream advice can be. I know we here are all of the opinion that M isn’t good, but there’s so much info out there saying otherwise. Considering how good I feel not M’ing I know the mainstream is wrong. Karezza does seem like another extreme step though, no O at all even during S. But, it does have me intrigued, if I can connect to the OH more, and not have any post S downsides. Has anyone tried Karezza?
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    Has any space opened up yet?
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    Checking in ... feeling better this week. More positive outlook.
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    Cheking in day 61. Nice weekend without urges. Today was not a very stressed day, and I'm fine, thanks God.
    Must be focus, I know myself... :emoji_confounded:
    See u guys, be strong and go on.
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  12. No, the group is full and there are over 10 people on the waiting list. Maybe check back in a couple of months.
  13. Hello, the group is currently full but I could add you to our waiting list. They are over 10 people on the list, so it will be several months before we have an opening for you. Reply to this comment to be added to the waiting list.
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  14. Made it back to 2 days and the fog of yuckiness is lifting. Ready to get back to it.
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    Greetings Brother, if i am listed, would you please be so kind as to remove my name from the waitlist so that others may have the opportunity to join. I will be with you in spirit, as we travel the road of Happy Destiny together.

    Peace and Blessings
  16. Thanks for the thoughtful gesture. :) Of course, you can get back on the list whenever you like.
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  17. Guys, just a reminder. Please do not change your counter goal to "Meeting my goals" or just "Porn" because you will be dropped from the member leaderboard. The ranking is just meant as a friendly competition, not a judgement on anyone's character, but to keep it fair the counters need to have a goal of either no PM or no PMO.
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  18. @persona2903 congrats on your 60 days yesterday! That is a milestone hope to reach myself.
  19. Day 5. Every day is an achievement and exciting to be moving away from my past.

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