36, Married for 4 years and clean 45 days

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by RadioGiraffe81, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. RadioGiraffe81

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    Hello Everyone,

    Are there any guys that escalated to cheating with sex workers? I started acting out during a binge drinking phase that happened a couple of times during a 2 year period. The last time was a year ago, however, I stopped fapping 45 days ago.

    I'm now clean for 45 days and developing this urge to tell my wife and I am shit scared of what the consequences will be.

    Any guys with this kind of experience?
  2. Phibz

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    Personally, I wouldn't tell. I know there are arguments on this. I don't have a wife/ girlfriend currently. I think it could cause you problems later. Or potential problems. You aren't doing this for your wife. You are doing this for you. It's like cigarettes. It's your health. Telling someone about your cigarette addiction isn't going to help YOU. This isn't to say that telling your AP wouldn't, because you aren't in a sexual relationship with an AP. And your AP is going to be your support because they know the struggle. I don't know your wife. She may be very understanding. But I just don't think it's a necessary thing.
  3. RadioGiraffe81

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    Hello Phibz,

    Thank you for the feedback much appreciated. I'm contemplating the same thing, besides completely ruining the last 6 years, is it necessary? Or do I take the plunge? This is a tuff one.

  4. ATW504

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    Measure the positives and negatives of telling her. The negatives will be immediate and many. The positives will come later (maybe). I would vote not to tell her.
  5. Buggery

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    It would be a selfish reason on ur part. Your only reason for telling her would be the cleansing of your guilt. You will not garner sympathy or trust for coming clean to her and you run the risk of any future issues with your addictions to be looked at with harsher scrutiny
  6. Vinsent

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    Don't confess!

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