36 yo gay male - new relationship; positive changes

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    Hi all!

    Ive known for a while I should do something like this - indeed about 8 years ago I went through a successful reboot - and now it’s time for another go.

    I’m a 36 yo gay male in Australia. When I was 26 I was diagnosed with depression & anxiety and prescribed Zoloft. It’s been a godsend for my mental health, not so much for the sex life. Ejaculation became more difficult, so I turned to porn for release. Sex with new guys and watching porn will usually get me off, but I know I still chase more.

    I’ve been with my boyfriend now for around three months - I can tell he’s a keeper :) But I’m having difficulty ejaculating, and aren’t always present. I’m staying faithful, but am still watching porn. He knows about the difficulties I have in ejaculation due to the Zoloft... haven’t spoken about the porn tho.

    Want to do another reboot, for me and for him. I want to be present, enjoy the sex as much as I enjoy every other aspect of our relationship, and remove my need for porn to get off.

    Hoping for some advice and support from my fellow NoFap warriors, and even an accountability partner.
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    If he's a keeper and you're invested in the long-term for this relationship, I would encourage you to tell him about your struggles with porn. Breaking down that barrier between the two of you and trusting him with your fears/concerns/struggles will bring you closer and more emotional intimacy. Don't make him your accountability partner or gatekeeper between you and porn, but working together will only strengthen your relationship if it's meant to be a long-term one. Best wishes for a successful reboot.
  3. Hi Bazzington,

    Well done for reaching out to this site. Lots of information to sift through. I wish you the best of luck with your reboot and your relationship!
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