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  1. Puretim

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    Im now in day 2. I have to remind myself some times of the progress ive made since joining NoFap and especially since accepting this 365 day challenge. (Its called challenge for a reason.) Ive had 5 episodes of porn in the last 4 or 5 months with the majority very short lived- a few hours at most. I also need to look at why i plunged again into pmo and take steps to see that it doesnt happen again. One simple thing i can do is to leave my computer in the car and not even bring it in the house. Aside from the porn i mostly use it for distracting myself from myself. I want to get to where im so clear and free snd at peace inside that theres is no need to distract myself. It has to start now. One day at a time.
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  2. Tiburon727

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  3. Blaze21

    Blaze21 Fapstronaut

    Day 0/365 I can do this now!!! My last relapse was today, I am a new man now... Let's go brothers!
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  4. wanttobeme

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  5. The 5th

    I had very strong urges to watch porn yesterday. I decided to be mindful observe the urges and also notice the underlying emotions until the urges subsided on their own within minutes. I guess we do have a choice on whether to act upon urges or not.
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  6. I had relapsed.
    Day 0/365
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  7. Timothy_James

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    I'm not giving up, just in a bit of a rough patch right now.

    I'm definitely going to make it to 365 by July of 2020!

    Thanks everyone!
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  8. Irishmaninrecovery

    Irishmaninrecovery Fapstronaut

    I made it to 161 days PMO. The compulsion to masturbate and watch porn had become so weak after going so long without it. So going without really helped. Today I found myself horny and finally decided to ‘knock one off’. It wasn’t as fulfilling as before but it felt still nice. I have developed new ways of dealing with my thoughts and stress such as mindfulness, journaling, lifting weights, puzzle books and reading. I don’t know if I’ll go 161 days again but I feel more in control of my life.
  9. 95 days. This is pretty much the only thing that's going right in my life right now. A couple real disappointments in recent weeks, plus ongoing struggles I've been dealing with for years.

    All the more reason to stay on track with this though. Last thing I need is a downward binge spiral. That would put me into a very dark place. No doubt at all in my mind about that.

    So, will keep marching on as best I can. One day, and then another.
  10. scobiscuit

    scobiscuit Fapstronaut

    Hey all

    I've had a lot of uncertainty in life circumstances come up lately, so I've been using P&M to numb myself out rather than actually dealing with root issues. Need to have some good conversations with my wife, friends, and do some journaling to get back to where I want to be. No P&M would help, too, obviously.

    Trying to make healthy decisions and get out of this funk, because it's not a good place to be.

    Back at day zero. Gotta get back up and try again!
  11. Exactly. The key, imho, is not to try to deny the urges, but to recognize them, see them only as temporary feelings, and let them lightly pass by as we move our attention to other actions. Every time we practice this, their hold on us weakens, and our resilience grows.
  12. Checking in
    Had a headache today
    I start to feel erections
    Its third day after last ejaculation (which my gf caused)
    I aim for semen retention as long as possible
    i want to feel manly and have that sexual presence, energy
    but most importantly I reduce porn and itnernet.
    i want to recover my brain ti be healthy
    no more low dopamine level
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  13. The_Fisher

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  14. AlternativeFalcon01

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  15. Puretim

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    NoFap Defender

    Checking in on another day one day at a time. So far all my plunges back into p.m.o. have been shortlived but that is no guarantee that the next one wont own me for however long. I need to keep that in mind.
  16. I just want to agree with you here. I believe this path were on need not be defined in all-or-nothing terms. What matters is that, overall, we are learning and growing. A few setbacks does not negate our progress. A few blemishes on our 'record' does not mean we haven't improved ourselves and our future outlook. We are not robots. Most of us aren't monks either.

    We are human beings doing the best we can to overcome our self-destructive addictions and patterns. Looking back and recognizing where we started, and how far we've come, is essential to keep us motivated going forward with realistic, attainable goals. You're doing great bro, keep at it.
  17. Day 124/365...just found some explicit account on twitter who are completely promoting nudity & pornography whoever exit before it was too late...
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