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  1. We just seem to want more & more stuff, but your life will become simpler with less stuff, and thus you will have less to worry about - it may even make you happier!
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  2. kludgy

    kludgy Fapstronaut

    checking in day 6 :)
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  3. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    12 days complete!

    It's only getter tougher now. I feel the void in my heart, the emptiness inside once again. This is what PMO masks so that I am numb to my deep seated emotions. Anyway, somehow I will manage.
  4. Wolfyoufeed

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  5. Vendidad

    Vendidad Fapstronaut

    check in day 9
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  6. Andrew37

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  7. Caleb 2020

    Caleb 2020 Fapstronaut

    474 days

    I watched porn three times during this period of 472 days,but I didn't masturbated.it was at least 3 or 4 hours but my body was not oversensitivie ,just a bit but I had control over my action .
    It was for curiosity and for escaping from reality.
    I learnt to solve the problems ,not escaping.
    I learnt that it is ok to not to be in a position that I have dreamed of,it is just being free from addiction ,bad thoughts and bad deeds that is important.
    I learnt that writing the lessons from mistakes is important.
    Those aforementioned things happened once in about 130 days,other one in 250 days,and this one in 472.
    Every time I tried to figure out the reason and learn and I was somehow successful in this regard.
    I don't recommend to watch to others.
    God bless
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  8. Force Majeure

    Force Majeure Fapstronaut

    366/365, challenge completed!!

    Didn't have time to check in the last few days because I was on holiday with my family.

    So... I'm at day 591 now and my goal is 913 days, so 322 more days to go. I'm very happy that I found NoFap because this journey has literally been the best one I have ever made. Quitting porn was just the starting point, then I learned to love self-discipline, work out a lot, find new friends, stop taking hot showers, go up early, have strict deadlines on computer use... and lastly realise how much it matters to not fail what I have promised myself to do.

    I'm a lot happier person nowadays, a better father and a better husband. My former life is something that belongs to the past and I let my memories from that time fade away as time goes by. I'm not angry about the past, I cannot change it anyway. I'm just happy about the wonderful future that awaits.

    Keep fighting my fellow fapstronouts and remember, you haven't failed until you stop trying. So keep pushing your boundaries, reach the impossible, break your inner barriers and become the new you you have always dreamed of. The only person that may attempt to stop you is your old self. This isn't a fight between demons and gods, it's a battle between your old self and your new self. Use your motivation and willpower to develop a good amount self-discipline and use that self-discipline to consistently cross the barriers that will come.

    Self-discipline is just like a muscle... the more you train it, the stronger it will become... and it so happens that you can train self-discipline in so many ways... and all of them will lead you to perform better in your nofap challenges. So the secret recipe is just decide, commit, act, succeed, repeat. And before your self-discipline is strong enough, be sure to decide things that are possible to achieve. Also, make sure that everything is limited in some way or another, otherwise it's impossible to succeed. Examples: don't drink coffee for three days, do the plank challenge for 30 days, stay off sugar for a week, stop using your computer at a certain time every day for a month or whatnot. The important thing is to go your own path. Don't just join a challenge because someone else created it. Be sure to modify it so that it fits you. The important thing is to succeed, you want success to be a habit. So if the challenge says 30 days and you feel that it's too long, just shorten it to something that you know you can do. Don't use your emotions in the decision step! Use your proven record from previous challenges to make sure the challenges you start is suitable for you. For example, if you want to be clean from porn for the rest of your life and you haven't lived a single day without porn for several weeks (like I was living before), then the right challenge to do is not some kind of infinity challenge but rather a one-day challenge or a three-day challenge. When you have succeeded with this, you know you can succeed with three days. Then, and not before, is the right time to join a seven day challenge... and so on until you reach the stars.

    I hope this post didn't get too long. Anyway, I just wish all of you the best! Keep fighting :)
  9. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    Congratulations on completing the challenge and being an inspiration. Thanks for the words of wisdom too. All the best in completing your ultimate challenge!
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  10. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    13 days complete!

    Achieved yet another milestone! Setting my next mini-target to 18 days!
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  11. AlternativeFalcon01

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  12. All all

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  13. Andrew37

    Andrew37 Fapstronaut

    Day 41/365

    I went to the church, feel good.
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  14. Vendidad

    Vendidad Fapstronaut

    Congratulations on your success ...

    check in day 10
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  15. rewiring4good

    rewiring4good Fapstronaut

    Fantastic. Well done! And thanks for a useful and insightful post.
    Checking in for day 52/80
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  16. aznric3boi

    aznric3boi Fapstronaut

    Day 6/365. A new day. A new beginning. Let's go!
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  17. ctr

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  18. Vendidad

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  19. Blaze21

    Blaze21 Fapstronaut

    Day 0/365 my New Years resolution... Failed at day 7 but not giving up!! Let’s go brothers!!

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