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  2. Day 56/365

    Still hanging on strong!
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  4. Day 57/365

    Almost close to relapsing today- but I avoided it. Still hanging in there strong!
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  6. 12 days. Nice to be back in double figures.
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  7. Day 90. It is a great feeling to make it to this point.
  8. Congratulations.

    90 days is a great achievement!
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  10. Thank you, and I wish you the best for your journey.
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  12. Day 60/365

    Well, 60 days in of no porn (or no peeking at all). For some reason, I had a dream that I was doing PMO. It's weird that I thought I had just relapsed, but dreaming about it is no big deal. I think we all dream about sex or PMO-related stuff, so that's normal.

    At least it's not in reality- so I still have not relapsed. Still hanging on! A long way to go moving forward.
  13. 14 days. 2 weeks. Feels good.
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  14. Yeah I have those dreams from time to time. I'm always annoyed in the dream to have relapsed, and then very relieved when I wake up & discover it was a dream.
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  16. Yeah, I hear you @Robbo-seeking-life. They sure can be annoying, but such a relief once you wake up and realize it was only a dream. It likely won't be the last time, so it happens.
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