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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Believe007, Feb 8, 2021.

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    Today marks the day of 365 days of nofap.
    12 months ago I never would have thought it was possible.
    I would fap to trans p, I didn’t do it that regularly. In 2018 I kept a diary of how many times I pmo’d to trans p and it was 11. In 2019 it was 19. It was never the regularity for me, more the genre of choice. It was enough to effect sex life with gf and disengage somewhat from having real sex.

    A year ago I stumbled across this website and the concept of nofap and here we are 365 days later!

    Sex life is way better, time is spent doing other things rather than looking at p. I still get urges which, for me is the natural ebb and flow of the journey.

    I used to read the stories a year ago of people saying they’d done a year of nofap and I thought, no way. It is possible!

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