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    Hello Everyone,

    I’m slowly coming to terms with how my PMO addiction has essentially stolen my life from me up until now. I’m an American male with a good full-time job currently on day 13 of my 90 day PMO challenge. I relapsed last month and had to start over. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I started dating a wonderful girl in February and the anxiety and mood swings caused me to break up with her on Sunday. I haven’t fallen off the wagon but it is getting very difficult. Tough childhood, emotionally, psychologically and physically abusive Father, devout Christian Mother yet I still seek to strengthen my Christianity. Been seeing a counselor for a month now and still trying to unpack everything. Exposed to P back in the 4th grade (roughly, I know I was very young) and never realized that I started seeking it. The older I got, the easier it became to acquire. Enlisted in the military which pretty much solidified my addiction. Never had a meaningful relationship and am just so so tired of being lonely. I’ll leave it at that for now.

    Glad to finally be here and can’t wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
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    Welcome to nofap,
    I hope the best for you. Always remember that you are not alone in this journey.
    Happy journey
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  4. I'll add you to my prayers. Keep going!
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    Thank you everyone!
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    Hi bud, thanks for sharing. Sorry abo
    Hi welcome to the journey - credit to you for turning this around.

    Those mood swings are tough to deal with. And no doubt your other half (assuming you are straight) will often have their own ups and downs during the month - which is almost double trouble! We all go through mood swings on NoFap, unfortunately it is part of the process, the important thing is that we learn from it, and also realise that these feelings are sometimes temporary. I am on my own new streak of around 6 days - and it has been topsy turvy to say the least. Some days I feel awesome, other moments I feel like I am battling addiction and evil spirits to go with it!

    Be gentle on yourself, hopefully the days will keep racking up.
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    Welcome. Take advantage of the info here and a couple other resources that'll be shared with you. Try to be as open as possible, this us a safe place that you need to come clean.
  8. Hey, welcome to the NoFap community
    : )

    It's nice to see you here fighting the good fight alongside us!
    First let me go ahead and drop some helpful links for you:
    Getting Started Guide / Forum Rules / How to Use the NoFap forums/ Glossary/ NoFap Panic button/
    Set up your day counter /
    Rebooting Resources/
    Accountability groups (new!)/
    About NoFap/ Support NoFap

    Here is just some advice:
    First and foremost please take a careful look at each section in the forum, there may be something(s) you will find to be of big help to you.

    Secondly I advise you to be active onyour profile(as there a few active people in the profile section). Please start by choosing an avatar and then begin posting frequent status posts to show you're active and needing support/encouragement.
    The forum has got a neat little feature that shows freshly posted statuses for all users to see.
    People will find your profile and give you support.

    There’s a portion of people who love communicating in the profile section..(it should be and is )mostly spportive talk but it doesn't hurt to deviate from supportive conversations. It would be great to have you join in and become part of the team!
    We support others in the threads, profile posts, and journals/reboot logs.
    Once you receive some support, please be sure and be grateful to the member for the help/support you received and consider giving some in return to anyone you wish.

    Thirdly, you should highly consider creating a public journal/reboot log (in the appropriate sectionfor you) to write about your days in depth for us members to follow along on your journey and offer support to you on.

    Please start your journal in the correct section and with that, also try your best to post in the correct sections as it is mandatory and would be helpful to the mods who organize the forum. : )

    Last but not least: Good luck on your journey here, make sure to really give it a try with all your heart!
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