392 days no PMO, you need to give up love

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    Current streak: 392 days no PMO, semen retention.

    There are three areas required to master sexuality: your body, mind and heart.
    Body: it means monogamous sex, celibacy, semen retention, sexual moderation.
    Mind: not craving sex.
    Heart: not being attached to happiness when you experience sexual or relationship enjoyment.

    Let's focus on the heart, relationships are human, mundane and limited. It doesn't matter how pure they seem to be.

    I usually prefer spending time with women rather than men. Women know about life, are more naturally wise in relationships and sex than men, more delicate.

    Love can help you to see what a healthy way of dealing with sex is, to be more human and not to objectify women so much. But if you go deeper, love is an emotion an extreme emotion almost maniac happiness it's too extreme it creates an imbalance in the mind, heart and body, you become ruled by an emotion and that is never a good thing. If you really want to master sex and be an elevated being, you need to give up the idea of romantic love, it's an illusion that clouds your mind. Also women are amazing but very fluctuating, they want to be with you one day and the next they don't and the next they want you back. A superior man is free, unattached.

    Conclusion: on a deep level, emotional balance is required to have full control over sex, this also means giving up the idea of romantic love.
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  2. I like how you make your posts simple and structured to communicate your thoughts.

    I agree with the letting go of the traditional ideas on romantic love, and instead i'm more drawn by the idea of feeling IN LOVE with life and then sharing it with another being who is in alignment of our path and values in life.

    The only thing I am different from you is I love spending time with men and women equally.

    There are moments shared with my bros that is just impossible to create. I think it goes back to ages as man in tribes bonding deeply and understanding each other at a deep level.

    But I wasn't always this way, I had alot of male phobia and cultural shame around it. Took alot of training to be able to develop trust between me and other men.
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    Does this mean you’re back on Thotpatrol ready to bang another hot blonde?✌️
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    Maybe a redhead on the weekend :rolleyes:
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    It's true, I just haven't found real friends but it's really cool hanging out with real male friends.

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