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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by UK Lad, May 6, 2019.

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    Currently on 392 days.

    Hi, I have developed hypothyroidism at 10 yrs old. Drs said I was born with it but really no one is born ill. At one point drs didn’t believe I had it till puberty. I led an active life till I started meds. After that everything went down hill from 11 onwards.

    I began ejaculating at 6-7, I use to lick my gorgeous cousin sisters high heels (without her permission of course) and look at models in catalogs and hump the floor.

    My question is, has anyone developed hypothyroidism as a result of Pmoing or is it linked? Have you improved with Nofap etc?

    Has anyone also noticed significant improvement in eyesight with nofap?

    I’m currently on psychiatric meds so haven’t felt a single nofap benefit all this time.
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    Well during and after nofap if life gives you lemon u have will and motivation to make lemonade.

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