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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Nomorefap4me, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Hi My name is Gabriel and I am 4 days into no PMO, I initially started with intent to start up again a month later (so 9/16/15) just to see if I could go the month with no PMO. The reason I would like to stop is because I have been doing it almost every day since Freshman year of high school and I seem to be doing it routinely and not whenever I feel a sexual urge, I would (until 4 days ago) get home eat a snack, take a crap, then go into my room and blow my load everywhere until I decided IT IS TIME TO STOP. With all that being said I'm 4 days in and don't really have any urges to shoot my jellyfish's once I get home, a lot of people seem to experience sexual urges but I havn't. To end this off I would like some feedback from you guys on one question, should I start up again in a month or not?
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    My suggestion is that you spend more time looking around, reading what's offered here, and the stories others have posted. Then see if that answers your question. I think an hour or so of reading more on this site will give you the answer.

    And, I would say, there's a far better question. Rather than you asking us, what WE think, I would challenge you to ask yourself: what do YOU think? And want?

    Because, in the end, that's the question whose answer really counts for you, isn't it?
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    I'm on Day 4 myself and so far it's been rather decent. My personal best is 30days and this time around I plan to exceed that. As much as this journey tends to vary in multiple ways from person to person, I would say there are definitely some gems worth discovering in what Septimus has just said.

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