4 months of "hardmode" - results

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Fenix Rising, Mar 25, 2018.

  1. Fenix Rising

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    I've completed 120 days of abstaining from sex and PMO today.
    37 yo - 17 years of internet porn and compulsive-bingle masturbation addiction.

    Here are my observations:

    1. Brain fog / numbness -> almost non existent
    2. social anxiety -> improved (socializing a lot, flirting, dating again),
    3. depression -> improved (some sadness persist, but things got a lot better)
    4. self-esteem -> improved
    5. becoming physically fitter
    6. self-discipline -> improved
    7. fatigue -> start seeing some improvement
    8. mood swings -> more modest ( states of being almost euphoric one moment and depressed or/and anxious only few hours later are mostly gone),
    9. morning woods -> very strong and almost every morning

    1. More worried about life problems and future prospects sometimes
    2. PIED -> still not cured. Not getting aroused around women yet. I'd probably get a rock solid boner with a little help.

    As you can see, things are improving even past 90 days of no sex/no PMO mark.

    Is it worth it? Yes.
    Is it hard? It was hellish in first 2 months, but it's getting easier and easier now... Withdrawal symptoms are mostly gone and I don't get any cravings for porn or mb anymore.
    Will I continue to abstain? yes -> from porn, yes -> from masturbation, maybe -> from sex

    If you have any questions regarding topic don't hesitate to ask.
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  2. steveo2312

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    Any physical pains at all? My prostate plays up around the 30 day mark. Feels like prostatitis could start if i dont relieve myself
  3. It’s the same situation with me in fact how you have wrote that out I am very similar. This will not be cured from a 90 day reboot for people like us.
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  4. Fenix Rising

    Fenix Rising Fapstronaut

    I had terrible headaches first month, other than that, no. Maybe you should try exercising on daily basis. I got very painful testicles in my two previous 90 days streaks, but not this time around. The only difference I could think of is daily vigorous exercise routine during latest reboot. I had to pee very frequently for some reason. It was kind of annoying always looking for a public toilets. I don't have this problem anymore.
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  5. Fenix Rising

    Fenix Rising Fapstronaut

    Very true. The important thing is, we're making progress. Have you also had PIED... If so, is it getting better?
  6. Anonymous86

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  7. talontron

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    dont watch porn or masturbate, its a blackhole
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  8. MarinoBigFan1984

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    It’s a long lengthy process
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  9. petewete

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    Im 37 and watched porn daily for about 10 years. Day 38 today and i am seeing some improvement. Penis is slowly getting its size back and i get occasional morning wood, not rock solid but its something. A week ago it was like i didnt even feel a thing down there.

    This is my second reboot. I did the 90 Day reboot 6 months ago and thought i was cured but I wasnt 100%. I would say i was 60% cured, I would get hard but I was constantly worried if i would get hard or not. I had PE and DA and reverted back to porn for a good 3 months which brought back the PIED and a flaccid penis.

    This time my goal is to go forever without porn and not masturbate till at least 2019.
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  10. Foxislander

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    Are you telling me that the withdrawals can go up for 2 months wow? I'm on 39 days today and it still is bugging me just tell me I got 20 more days of for cools off let me know man because I'm going for the 122 it seems like it's reverting back to when it was day 1 through like 18 and 19 which were super toss of me so let me know I really appreciate
  11. MarinoBigFan1984

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    I have some morning wood but that’s it. I anticipate needing a lengthy reboot maybe 6-8 months.

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