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  1. 4 months without PMO

    I had never been 4 months without PMO. It's scary when I think about it.

    Although there are people who have been longer than me. I am aware of that.

    I have been trying three years (from 2017 to 2020) trying to reach 90 days at least. He always arrived at day 30, or 40, or 50, or 55 and from there he returned to the habit of looking for P.

    Benefits so far:

    1. I used to suffer from insomnia. Several weeks and months went by without being able to sleep well. Quite the contrary, during these 4 months I have only stayed awake for just two days. This has improved my sleep a lot.

    2. My energy levels improved. I used to often feel very sleepy and tired in the afternoon while I was working or reading (I love to read). Now, I can read several pages in a row without feeling tired.

    I had PIED a few months ago. I also had chronic pelvic pain.

    3. Regarding PIED: Erection hard as rock in the 70 day to 90 day. I am sure that I do not have PIED because I can easily experience erections thinking about the beauty of a person, I feel more sensitive and libido (some days more than others) sometimes semi erections seeing girls in the street, and the morning wood is already more followed. I make it clear that there are ups and downs, but it seems that this is normal, even in men who have never been PMO. I have friends who have not been PMO and they inform me that this is normal. In normal people there are also ups and downs and libido and arousal are like the wind: they come and go in all normal human beings. It depends on many factors.

    4. Regarding Chronic Pelvic Pain: it disappeared. Masturbation was causing this, but this seems to be curable when you stop masturbating. It was an intense pain in the lower back, and in the perineum.

    Things in which so far I have not achieved any success::(

    1. Unfortunately, I still dream that I watch pornography while I am sleeping. It doesn't happen to me every night, but it still happens to me often.:(

    2. I still feel like watching pornography sometimes. Even my mind misses her. There are still cravings.:(:mad:
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    Awesome post man. I am 25 and I almost never get morning wood but I think when I did 133 days no PMO a while back, I started to get it again towards the end. How long did you not have morning wood until it returned?

    I also agree with your statement regarding ups and downs. Mood fluctuations can occur for a whole slew of reasons from your diet to the weather. And there's nothing wrong with that. The human brain is not meant for a constant state of some sort. It is meant for some variety with occasional extremes (fear or joy, etc).

    Regarding still dreaming about porn at night, do you mean while you're sleeping or do you mean fantasizing before bed? I remember in the beginning, I used to fantasize before bed A LOT and then after about one month, I managed to stop fantasizing so much.

  4. Hi.
    All my life I have had morning firewood.
    Even on my worst PMO days I had morning firewood every day.
    My advantage is that I started using pornography after I was 25 years old. Before I was old, I didn't know what pornography was.

  5. In my opinion, in my experience, the presence of morning firewood is not a sign of recovery. Morning firewood has nothing to do with PIED.

    I've had morning wood all my life, even in my worst PMO times.

    Despite having morning firewood on my side every day, I had PIED in the past.

    Morning firewood is not a sign of recovery.

    Morning wood is erections from blood flow. PIED is a neurochemical numbness problem. They are two different things.

  6. Exactly. I mean when I sleeping.
    I still have nightmares.
    A week ago I dreamed that I had a screen in front of my eyes and I saw a pornographic image. I woke up fast from that dream.

  7. It was at this age that for the first time in my life I met a pornographic movie. It was a movie on VHS at the time.

    I started using internet porn only when I was 27 or 28 years old. I remember.

    But despite that, as you can see, this porn thing affects older men like me too.

    I am 39 years old.

  8. Really really I am in Hardmode because i see girls in the street, in the parks, in the shopping centers when I going to buy the food or the bread, but never never never images in a screen my friend. The computer is only only for study and work.

    I don´t masturbate, I don´t see porn, any images, any sexual artificial, but in the real life I see girls.

  9. Really really I am in Hardmode because i see girls in the street, in the parks, in the shopping centers when I going to buy the food or the bread, but never never never images in a screen my friend. The computer is only only for study and work.

    I don´t masturbate, I don´t see porn, any images, any sexual artificial, but in the real life I see girls.
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    I thought morning wood means recovery
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    How long did it take for this to go away? I was about 2 weeks in when I was starting to experience low back sensations increasing in pain exponentially. After about an additional week of agonizing pain I finally decided to blow my load and felt immediate relief and was able to sleep normally.

    That was back in August. Since then I've been going to the gym twice a week focusing solely on core and glute strengthening exercises. I figured with with a strong core I might be able to mitigate low back pain, especially during nofap. I'm happy to report I've had zero back pain in general since going to the gym regularly, I've also started my reset 7 days ago, so fingers crossed that the gym is helping...
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  13. It really is not my friend because there is a lot of anecdotal evidence in these forums in which men report PIED despite having morning wood.

    For example: pornfreesme has been in an apparent flat line for 9 years, with PIED, however, talking with him, once, he confirms that all these years he has had morning wood.

    Remember that PIED is desensitization and neurochemical imbalance in the brain, and morning wood is just salnguineal flow.

    Now: Wood in the morning is a sign that your organ is physically fine. But, it is not a signal confirming anything about it with PIED.

    In fact, a man may experience erections and morning wood, but feel no sexual desire (libido)

    Morning wood has nothing to do with arousal, nor necessarily libido.
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    It may be true sir, but, it pained me..... But thanks for sharing imp info....
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    Actually I forgot that I once had morning wood... Now only ok could see then when I m doing nofap... So thought I was recovering very fast
  16. It only disappeared by abandoning masturbation. Currently, 4 months ago I do not.

    If you keep masturbating your pelvic pain can probably come back.

    There is something important about it at YBOP. I share it with you. Read them. I identified with this information in the past, because people mistakenly believe that by masturbating again, pelvic pain disappears and it is true, but in this cycle what we do is maintain the pain in the future.

    Some important excerpts from the article:

    Pelvic pain researcher Dr. Jeannette Potts observed that orgasm is a pleasure spasm. There is a significant increase in nervous system arousal during sexual activity. The pleasure spasm of orgasm in the form of the increased series of contractions during orgasm will tighten the pelvic muscles further. This increased tightening temporarily contracts already contracted pelvic floor muscles and tends to throw the pelvic pain sufferer further above the symptom threshold. After a certain period of time has passed, the pelvic muscles relax and return to their baseline levels, the normal state of the pelvic floor reasserts itself (which is back to some degree of pain or discomfort when a person has chronic pelvic pain syndrome).

    Compulsive sexual activity can trigger or exacerbate pelvic pain
    There are some individuals who deal with their anxiety and depression by engaging in compulsive sexual activity and masturbation. Anxiety and depression momentarily disappear during orgasm. This disappearance of anxiety or depression after orgasm is almost always short-lived as clearly explained in Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow. The fact that there has been a great rise in the availability of pornography on the internet may be a factor that has rarely been taken into account in the understanding and treatment of pelvic pain of certain individuals as compulsive masturbation can trigger what is commonly called prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome or pelvic floor dysfunction.

    Pelvic pain can be triggered and exacerbated by engaging in compulsive sexual activity
    It is a common experience that repeated orgasms in close proximity yield diminishing levels of pleasure. The diminishment of pleasure with frequent orgasm also yields diminishing relief from anxiety and depression. It is not well known that compulsive sexual activity and pornography will tend to make anxiety and depression worse and not alleviate it as well as sometimes triggering chronic pelvic pain syndromes.

    Available Information in:


  17. Do not worry. Sex is more than just a silly erection. Personally, I wouldn't worry about my erections or my morning firewood or anything like that.

    Many times I went to look for sex, and apparently my penis was totally at rest, but, when foreplay and desire arrive, when you are in front of a person that you consider attractive to you, the erection appears. However, when one is in these pleasant moments of life, one should not be aware of whether it is hard, semi-hard or flaccid. That is irrelevant and does not matter. Enjoying sex is not about whether you have a rock below your belly button or not.

    Erections are irrelevant. Do not think about it.

    Many times in my life I felt normal and calm while my partner was talking. But, a few minutes later, she would take off her clothes, and just by touching us, my erection would appear out of nowhere and I did not give a damn if it was hard or not. The truth is, I never measure that. I just enjoy the moment and the company of women as single that I am.

    Remember: Sex is not about a hard penis. There is much more interesting than that.
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    Dude, what do these words mean? I mean literally what does it mean?
    "Morning wood", "wet dream" I see these words regularly. People reading this might also find it helpful, can anybody explain

  20. Hello:

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about how deep the recovery is going to be. You have a great advantage and it is the following:

    Suppose you fully recover by 2022, that is, within two years.

    In two years you would still be in your youth. Suppose you are 25 years old: That means that when you recover you will be 27 years old. Still very young and with almost 4 decades ahead to enjoy your life sexually.

    I am 39 years old: If my recovery takes two more years, that means that I would be fully recovered at 41 or 42 years of age. At that age, there are other types of problems that have nothing to do with PIED but with the age of men. It is normal.

    On the other hand, when you recover, you will have even more time before those 40s.

    Now: I am not saying that you will fully recover in two years, it is just a guess on my part. You may consider yourself fully recovered in less time.

    Remember that the idea of "feeling healed or recovered" goes very hand in hand with my subjective idea that it is feeling "healed."

    For example: I am posting a success story here. I made the decision to do it because finally in almost 8 years of my life I had never gone 4 months without seeing some pornography, it is the first time. And it took me many years to get to perform 4 months in hard mode. My addiction and my stubbornness wouldn't allow it. It always relapsed reaching day 30, or 50.

    I can manifest libido, normal erections, sometimes ups and downs, good mood, more energy, etc ..... many benefits ....

    But if you ask me if I consider myself totally cured, my answer would be:

    Not yet.


    Because I still miss pornography despite everything, sometimes I still want to use it and I have impulses, I still have ups and downs in my sexual arousal, I still stay awake sometimes, very little, all this has been improving, but it still happens to me.

    Personally, regardless of whether I recover before two years or not, I am going to perform those two years hard. Still, I have no choice because we are in a pandemic and it is better to remain celibate.

    Today I heard bad news about it: Covid cases increased this week here.

    Who can risk looking for sex in these conditions?

    I personally would not. I prefer to wait so I feel ready.

    And opt for masturbation? I never would. I'm not interested. That's what I'm on this site for, to be against masturbation.

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