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  1. Hi. quiet
    We are to learn.

    Morning wood or MW means erections when you are sleeping, or erections in the morning before waking up. They are a sign of physical erection health in men.

    These types of erections have nothing to do with sexual arousal necessarily, nor with having a libido.

    It is when you wake up and feel like you have a hard penis.

    Wet dreams are when you have an involuntary ejaculation from a sexual dream while you sleep. They tend to occur more in adolescence than in very old age. And they usually happen when you are not having any type of sexual activity.

    They are very healthy and normal. I often hear that despite being normal, they are considered uncomfortable by semen retainers and high-level athletes, but that's because of respectable beliefs anyway.
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    Thank you!
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    you saying all this is like a normal person who drinks occasionally going into an AA meeting questioning the detrimental effects of alcohol.

    most people are here on this forum because they they discovered that their porn and masturbation habit is causing sexual dysfunctions in their lives.

    if pmo isn’t harming you, then good for you lol.

    About the insomnia.... if you still want to do semen retention for growth or spiritual purposes, you need to transmute that energy to artistic expressions, fitness, etc so that you can fall asleep at night. You just have a lot of energy that haven’t been used yet by bed time.
  5. Thanks for the answers.
    I think that the exercise can be good.
    I realized the abstinence but I was in the house all the time reading, cooking and studying for the online. No more.
    Maybe the energy.

    What can I do for the next reboot ?
    What can I do if the insomnia get back again in five months ?

    Exercise ?

    If make fap without porn in case that the insomnia go ?
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    if you don’t have sexual dysfunctions, you are fine with whatever it is you do.

    If you want to practice semen retention and be able to fall asleep, yes exercise more.
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    I had dreams about relapsing and It really made me feel upset , and tgen I realise it was all just a dream, the amout of relief is unbelievable.

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