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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Thechosenone, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Thechosenone

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    Hey guys!
    Today marks day 120 or 4months of no pmo. Right now my life is coming together in the way I want it to. I no longer dread questioning myself with negative self talk. I'm going with the flow, an I'm gradually obtaining joy from the little things & just being more receptive and happier in general. There's no monkey on my back!

    This is my first attempt at nofap, but by no means was the start of my journey. I attempted to quit porn 2 years ago by stopping with the hardcore stuff, ever since I've been in a flatline and not fully understood the state my body was in. I was using porn and not jerking as a form of training myself until I foud out about nofap. I made peace with it in the end but it was not easy at all. The 90 nofap challenge was one I knew I could do. I didn't really have much of a choice now it just became something I had to do... It's been too long in the making, let's see where it takes us!!

    Up until nofap I was in the mindset that I would phase out porn use by using weaker and softer images, this helped me as an initial start and test of willpower. As long as my body did not release vital fluid my health would be improving everyday. I'm currently in the flatline flu-like stage and I believe once this clears I'll be "me" again fully.

    I've had brain fog and other physical symptoms of sickness for a while, so nofap for me was about reobtaining my health, I can say it's working and will continue to work onwards

    My focus, time awareness, physical condition is improving. I'm about 75% more productive, putting out better quality work and more consistently.

    As for women, I've gained more interest without even meaning to. Im not really thinking about women now, yeah they're great..but,
    Nothing is more important than your wellbeing and how you feel inside, because tht govens the way you see things outside

    MO'ing requires time to heal, I notice most times I relapse are when I need to get something done... I end up doing the opposite and feel worse in the end.

    So far this year I've been 144 days Pmo free... HOWEVER, I've only started school again this week. Most of the days I've clocked have been during a break, this is where it really begins!

    I hope you guys/ girls a good journey! Keep yourself busy, an DONT forget..this is a mind over matter issue, you can retrain the way you approach Pmo. I don't think of masturbating as natural to me anymore...it would feel alien to start again.

    Best of luck!!

    P.s ask me questions if you want I didn't want to cover everything in the post!
  2. PSV

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    good job mate..
  3. klikker

    klikker Fapstronaut

    thanks for the post bro! nice job! keep up the good work & have a nice life!
  4. martinh

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    Congrats! Keep on the good job
  5. thedutchman

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    that sounds great. congrats. I hope i will make that to.
  6. goa

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    That's fantastic. I just passed two weeks on my first attempt at NoFap (but in a similar position to you in that it didn't mark the start of my journey). I feel great for getting this far, so I can only imagine how great you must feel.

    Don't get complacent - keep it up - it's posts like this that act as an inspiration on this site :)
  7. Tombuktu

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    I am a bit sceptical about people coming on this forum and after a few posts they claim to have already done many months, years, etc...and proclaim themselves expert and offer advice. None of them actually seems to be seeking for support. They are all just expert who are here to help poor us. This has nothing to do with your story. But I am just a bit cautious.

    I tend to respect more people who have been on this forum for a good while and whose abstinence we have all witnessed and shared in. People who have gone through the pain of relapse and success of abstinence with us. Their advice is more trustworthy than that from people who have hardly been here.

    The other guy who claimed to have had 4 years only has two posts and has disappeared.:confused:

    I hope I am not being unkind, but it would be good if people who are new here don't somehow present themselves to us as expert at whose feet we need to bow:cool:. That's my rant for today :cool:
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  8. Thechosenone

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    Tombuktu, I agree with you! for me personally my reboot started 2 years before I knew anything about nofap, the 90 day challenge or any of this stuff about being addicted to porn, I was at the point where I was addicted to gaming an MOing, my health was detiorating

    This streak I'm on is the last few legs of my reboot after years of anxiety and withdrawals all of which were difficult and I try not to remember them too much. the language I use is to try and keep me motivated, for you guys (hopefully) I'm trying to reprogram my thoughts, I have an issue of being impersonal with people for which I'm sorry but it's spillover from trying to keep my willpower high

    I think people don't post thier full stories because they try to not remind themselves too much they have an issue, I still try to maintain that I never had an issue with Pmo and hope to get abstinence time to heal me to prove myself right, I know at some point I need to fce myself but I want to give myself a foundation before doing so

    I respect that you along with many others are undergoing a honest reboot, where you aren't kiding yourself. Currently I can't think about the reprocussions of accepting this as it'd effect all my relationships which are seem fragile anyway

    The claims I make are distorted in that my consciousness isn't the same as yours, my claims may be a bit OTT for some, but we all have different points of reference

    also realistically, My abstinence period has been very sacrificial I've stopped doing a lot of things That trigger me which has left me feeling a bit empty inside, but I'll perservere so the way I speak reflects the frustration

    Anyway i hope you guys well and the best for the future
  9. gabriiel

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    congratulation !! this is my first day on nofap and i really want to watch porn but i won t cauz im sick of this addiction im 20 years old and i dont want to spend my life on that rythme i want to learn coding web developin and many other stuf

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